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Steve and I (Aidan) have decided that the time is right to open up a VERY small number of places (JUST FIVE) in our coaching program, the ‘Blueprint Academy’. 

Read on to find out about the details, and complete the application form if you’re interested.  

PLEASE NOTE: This is *NOT* for everyone, but for the right person (and you probably know who you are), this can be a complete game-changer.

The Blueprint Academy (BPA) is a program we started 6 years ago, where we work as closely as we possibly can with our members to help them build their businesses bigger and more profitable, faster.  

Included in the program are:  

  • Personalised 1-on-1 strategy meetings via skype/phone/email with Steve/Aidan
  • Direct access via skype/phone/email to key team members, people who run our Amazon Wholesale business, our Amazon whitelabel business, our PinPoint Local business, 100k Factory dropship businesses, etc
  • Face-to-face seminars, with replays (3 per year, the next meeting is in about 7 weeks time in London) 
  • Unlimited access to our business infrastructure (such as office in China, etc)
  • Access to our design team (logos, websites, etc)
  • Access to our outsourcing team (supplier outreach, website coding, monthly reporting, etc)
  • Free access to ALL our programs as they’re released (for example, everyone who was already part of Blueprint Academy earlier this year got the Parallel Profits program free, obviously along with the red-carpet treatment)
  • VIP access to other non-public training programs, case studies, and insider 'testing'
  • A private ‘tight knit’ Facebook group (which has a GREAT family feel to it)
  • A wide range of private training videos, documents, and templates, which are only available to BPA members
  • And much much more not mentioned here… it’s really designed and customized for each member.  

The group is made up of about 50 people, these are folks who are serious about making their online businesses work. Most people are already earning significant monthly incomes as a result of building their businesses through the Blueprint Academy program, but we also have people who are just starting out (which is FINE).  

Inside BPA we focus on strategically building income streams using the most effective methods, and indeed a range of methods built together into one business plan (business plans often include income streams).

The methods we’re heavily focusing on over the coming 6-12 months are:  

  • The Parallel Profits model
  • Wholesale (the 7-Figure Cycle method)
  • 100k Factory method (Facebook + Drop-ship + Shopify)
  • Amazon White Label (selling your own products on Amazon)  

These are the four ‘pillars’ that make up what we think are the best opportunities to leverage right now, and over the next 12 months.  

Let’s take a closer look at each of these, then expand into the other things that we provide to BPA members:  

1. The Parallel Profits Partnership  

Building a lucrative business around helping local businesses. This is a model we've been involved in for about a decade now, and continues to be one of our most profitable.

Getting to a run-rate of $100,000 profit per year isn't difficult, and by being part of the Blueprint Academy program, we'll hold your hand every step of the way. 

2. Wholesale Model  

The idea here is to grow an Amazon wholesale income, scale it to $10k+ per month (as a start). 

Benefits of this model include:  

  • No FB ads or Amazon PPC needed
  • Small inventory purchases (low capital required, literally $100 for your first order)
  • No branding/product creation (you’re selling other peoples products)
  • No reviews needed (unlike Amazon)
  • No customer support (you’re selling other peoples products)  

BPA members will be given the training and the logistical support needed to grow this income stream, hand holding support, and even an exclusive 'buyers club', with unique suppliers you can tap into immediately. 

Everything from how to get started, to actually ordering, preparing, and shipping the products will be explained, and in many cases, actually done for you.  

3. Amazon White Label Model  

Our white label business has grown to over $5MM/yr, we sell 4 unique brands, have a product line of about 40-50 products (it fluctuates) and sell in 8 different international marketplaces. As we’ve continued to grow, we’ve continued to refine our processes and adapt to the changing Amazon challenges.  

If you’ve heard the hype about Amazon, I’m here to tell you that it’s STILL (and will keep being) a GREAT place to build a business.  

If you want to focus on Amazon, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to build a $100k/yr (profit) income in the space of 6-12 months (with some focused and dedicated effort).  

We’ve helped dozens of BPA members achieve this, and we can streamline it all for you as well, by providing:  

  • Free access to BlackBird (normally $97/m or more)
  • Our China team (to source, negotiate, inspect and ship your products)
  • Products On Us (reviews for both USA and UK marketplaces)
  • Professional product photography
  • Need a Question (our 'question service' for Amazon sellers)
  • Preparing monthly metrics/statistics reports for you
  • Return reconciliation
  • Product renders  

And of course, as with all the models we focus on, you have direct access to us and our team. For example, Barbie (an employee of ours, who was our white label Operations Manager for 3 years) now dedicates 50% of her time to working directly with BPA members.  

4. 100k Factory Model  

The 100k Factory model continues to be a VERY effective and viable business model (and will be for years to come).  

BPA members who focus on this model continue to do incredibly well and have thriving businesses. 

People like Rory ($100k+/month), Nikos ($100k+/m), Mark and Brent ($100k+/m), Ricardo ($100k+/m)… these guys all do over $100k/month, and some of them do MUCH more than that… they’re all BPA members. 

We have at least a dozen BPA members in the $10k - $50k/month range.. these are people who are continuing to refine and build their income streams using this business model.  

As far as our company goes, we continue to put an enormous focus on this. We continue to run our 100k stores and grow this income stream, staying at the cutting edge of AliExpress + Shopify dropshipping.  

Aside from occasional updates to 100k Factory members, we will NOT be releasing any ‘100k Factory’ training publicly in 2018. We will however continue to focus on the evolution of this model with BPA members. 

So that’s a little overview of each of the four ‘pillar’ models we are focused on right now. In addition to these, we also teach 'sideline income' methods, such as affiliate marketing, kindle, SEM (amongst others)… these are full time 6-figure income streams for some BPA members, and we DO train on these methods, they’re just not our major focuses. 

4. Three Live Events  

In 2019, we will hold three live events:  

  • February 23rd and 24th - Las Vegas
  • June 22nd and 23rd - London
  • October 26th and 27th - Location tbc, probably New York or Chicago  

The live events run for two full days, we present a range of applicable information about the business models we’re focused on, but also about other necessary (but often ignored) topics as well… such as Tax Structure, Outsourcing, Financing, Planning, etc.

The live events are not JUST about cutting edge training. We also run live 'Action Workshops', where we sit down and get stuff done with you. Social Events where we go out and have fun together as a group, and of course plenty of Networking as well.  

Our live events are always recorded and added to the Blueprint Academy members area so that non-attendees can see them.  

5. One-on-One Consultations  

As part of Blueprint Academy, members have strategic meetings with Steve or I (Aidan) three times per year. This is where we flesh out the details of your plan, and make sure you've got all the resources you need to hit your milestones (which we will also help you build).

In addition to these meetings, you'll also be expected to meet monthly with our team of Subject Matter Experts to ensure youre progressing... and of course Steve and I are on call to dive in and help if your plan is ever not hitting it's targets.  

6. A Team of Experts & Support  

The Blueprint Academy isn’t JUST about getting help from Steve and I. We have an in-house team of experts that continues to evolve, reaching far beyond just Steve and I.  

Bethany is the ‘Accountability Partner’ to BPA members… you'll meet with her monthly to ensure you're moving forward and hitting your targets. All she does for 8 hours each day is ENSURE members are getting stuff done, moving the ball forward.  

Barbie, as mentioned above, dedicates about 50% of her time JUST to helping BPA members who are building white label businesses (she knows more about Amazon white label than ANYONE we know…).

JB is the Operations Manager for our 7-Figure Cycle wholesale business. As a BPA member, in addition to direct consultations with Steve and I, you'll have exclusive access to speak with JB about how to scale your business to the next level, how to hire and manage a team, and ensure there are no roadblocks between you reaching your goals.  

Ricardo is our in-house 100k Factory expert. In addition to running his own very successful 100k Factory stores, he also holds weekly training calls with BPA members who are working this model. Ricardo is a great additional sounding board for people looking to grow their 100k Factory businesses.  

Larry is our lead acquisition manager, he runs all our advertising campaigns, builds all our funnels, and is a real-deal paid advertising guru. Larry has helped a number of BPA members add funnels to their businesses, and refine their marketing campaigns.  

Melissa runs all the BPA services, managing our photographer, designers, outsourcing team, China team, etc. Melissa is also ready to help ensure our team is providing the custom solutions you need.  

And then, going beyond our own in-house team, we have the ‘Subject Matter Experts’. These are other BPA members who are excelling at the full spectrum of online business models, such as Claudio, who runs an incredibly successful SEM business. Patrick and Kelly, who have built a multi-million dollar white label business since becoming BPA members. Chris, who runs a successful affiliate marketing business (also built since he became a BPA member), etc. All of these people are available to help you succeed by providing knowledge about their areas of expertise.  

7. Free access to our next ‘launch’  

We've touched on this above... Every year we release one in-depth training program, where we dive deep into a specific model, and peel back the covers to reveal what's been working for us. Last year we focused on the wholesale model via our 7-Figure Cycle program, and this year it has been Parallel Protits.  

To the general public, our training programs normally cost $2,500, they’re included free to BPA members (and of course BPA members always get the red carpet treatment and insider intel, super-secret things we can’t always share with the masses!).  

As with the past 6 years, BPA will continue to grow and evolve throughout the year. When we discover important new strategies, BPA members are the first to know. Whenever we can add in new services or resources to save BPA members money, we add them. We don’t know exactly how things will continue to evolve in 2019 and in to 2020, but the money-making and money-saving resources WILL continue to grow in ways we can’t even imagine right now.  

The BPA membership is capped at the same level it’s always been… we work with approximately 50 people, and that’s it. Every year or so we do a small member intake (literally just 5-10 people, right now it's FIVE), and then simply continue working with them (membership capacity always stays the same). Right now we’re doing that intake.  

What we have always tried to do with this program is to use our experience to help the members build bigger, more reliable, and more profitable businesses by getting PERSONALLY involved with the business of each person.  

We do this by first sitting down and building a business plan tailored to meet each persons needs. We map everything out with a forecast and budget, and then put action items in place to ensure goals are met. We meet personally with the BPA members (one-on-one) to provide accountability, and make sure you’re not hitting any roadblocks. 

For example, if you said… “Aidan, my FB ads are not performing as they were last week”, we might jump on a voice call and look at what’s happening… you can probably imagine how this kind of support helps to very quickly scale results.  

Over the past few years the results from the members have been INCREDIBLE. Many people who used to work day jobs have quit and now do this full time. Some people have been able to shift countries, hire teams, sort out their retirement income, the list goes on, the possibilities are limitless.  

We have no intentions to open this program to the public again in the foreseeable future (the last time we took people in was mid-2017).  

Regarding the cost, the Blueprint Academy program has two plans:  

  • Option 1: $1,000/month
  • Option 2: $10,000 for 12 months  

The general expectation is that members stay with us for a year, but we have members who have been with us for 5 years now, as for the right person, it’s just a good investment to make.  

If this sounds like something that you’d like to participate in, click the link below to complete the application form:

Click Here To Complete The Application Form

Spaces WILL be snapped up quickly, so don't delay

Thanks for reading,  

Aidan and Steve

P.S. We will reply to all applications ASAP. Replies could take 24-36 hours. Successful applications will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis. Thanks!