12 Simple Secrets to Achieve Complete Financial Freedom (January 2023 Video Series)
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12 Simple Secrets to Achieve Complete Financial Freedom (January 2023 Video Series)

Hello, and welcome to 2023! Here’s to new beginnings, better fortunes and closer ties to friends, family and loved ones!

I’m currently in Argentina, where I spent the holidays, and as I write this there is still the euphoria of winning the World Cup. My business partner Steve and myself have also filmed 12 videos for you to celebrate the new year. The theme is on achieving complete financial freedom, and you can watch all the videos below.

Beware This Advice


We reveal the WORST advice a financial planner can give you, and what to do instead to achieve true financial freedom.

Working For Yourself


I talk about the power of working for yourself and building something, and how this compounds your efforts toward financial freedom.

The Importance of Customers


Steve talks about thinking in reverse about starting a business… find your customer source first, then begin thinking about what type of business to start for them. That way, when you build it, everybody will already be there.

Hocus Focus


In this video I talk about focus… how important it is for achieving financial freedom, hacks and what you need to do every morning when you wake up.

Nothing is Impossible


Here, Steve talks about how to NOT listen to people. Specifically, those that say “It’s impossible!“. We discuss a few personal examples of how we greatly expanded our financial freedom by not listening to naysayers.

How to 16x Your Earnings


Don’t worry, you don’t need to learn hard math! In this video, I talk about the 4 levers you can pull that dictates how much money you will make. Pulling these levers can have a dramatic positive impact on your finances (up to 16x more money!)

Paying Attention to Synergy


Steve talks about how to play to your strengths, and to look for synergies in your life and your business. This is often a shortcut to financial freedom, because once you grow assets in your business, you can combine them to jump-start and amplify your efforts.

Passive Income


In this video I talk about the power of passive income. That is, you build a bunch of little projects, and while each makes you a bit of money, everything together becomes a flood of income to achieve your financial dreams.

The Hockey Stick


Steve talks about the mythical “hockey stick” in the corporate world, and why it is actually real and incredibly powerful in online businesses.

Multiple Income Streams


We talk about the importance of having multiple income streams to diversify your income sources, and ideas and strategies for reinvesting into your business for compounding, explosive growth.

Invest in Experts


Steve talks about the wisdom of getting an expert to help you with your business. Learn about the best time to think about doing this and how it can help you and your business reach those crucial next steps. This gives more time and energy to do what YOU want to do!

The Trial & Error Trap


Steve and I speak about the trial and error trap, our personal experiences, as well as tips and advice for getting out of it and achieving your financial goals.

What are your financial and personal goals this year? I wish everybody well, and love to hear your comments below!

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8 Comments so far:

  1. Ann Walker says:

    Happy new year Aidan! Love these videos! What a good start for 2023!

  2. peter j says:

    This couldn’t have come at a better time than now when I’m planning to escape the 9-5 and start my own business. Here’s to a better year ahead!

  3. Vito Conti says:

    Incredible series, love the ones in the Ferrari the most! Hope you had fun here in Italy 🙂 Happy new year, Aidan and Steve.

  4. Ruth T says:

    “Small streams make a big river” YES! Proved that myself in 2022 and now looking at scaling in 2023. Enjoyed your driving here, Aidan. Happy 2023 to you both.

  5. david adams says:

    Very timely! thank you aidan and happy new year!

  6. Martha Jones says:

    To a wealthier and more successful 2023! Cheers!

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