A Letter From Aidan: Why I started my business.
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A Letter From Aidan: Why I started my business.

It’s been over 17 years since my first foray into the world of online business…

I wanted to reflect a little bit on how far things have come, and share some thoughts about my hopes for the future and what’s on the horizon.

There’s a big difference between what my business is today, and what I imagined it might be almost 20 years ago.

When I started my online business some of the best known online brands and technology didn’t exist, at least not in the way they do today…

For example, Facebook wasn’t even available to the public until 2004 and not popular until years later. The iPhone (and smartphones in general) didn’t exist until 2007, and the internet was still at dial up speed, nothing compared to the lightning speeds we take for granted today.

In 2022 you can run a business from a smartphone that you carry around in your pocket, this is truly remarkable. Has there ever been a better time to start an online business?

My journey started as a hobby… more like a hustle actually, as it was a case of “figure it out and start making money, or get a normal job” (I was in Argentina in 2005 with dreams of globetrotting, I did NOT want to get into the rat race just so I could cover my bills).

Today I’m incredibly grateful to have a business that employs over 140 people and positively contributes to the lives of many thousands of people.

Tens of thousands of people from all corners of the globe have been through our educational programs, and many more have consumed our free content, on this blog, or more recently through my podcast (TheGrowthBooth.com). I really need to pinch myself when I think about this.

Consistent effort compounded over time can turn into something special.

My overarching goal with any of my content development, software development, or coaching is to help as many people as possible build lifestyle businesses and improve their lives, in other words, to achieve lifestyle freedom.

This seems like a pretty vague goal at first glance, but it’s easy to pinpoint how this happens, especially when we receive heart warming messages from our subscribers, customers of our software businesses (like Cartzy.com, FloatHosting.com, NetBlaze.com and others), and clients of our coaching (like TheBlueprintAcademy.com).

Side Note: If you ever want to reach out to me and my team, you can do so through my support desk here: https://support.blueprintcentral.com/

We don’t know what opportunities will present themselves to us in the years ahead, how the way we connect with one another will change, or what new technology will be available to us, but we do know change keeps coming.

The future is exciting.

In the online business space, eCommerce will continue to grow. People will continue to use the internet to solve problems and make their lives better, and this simple fact means that there will be an abundance of business opportunities in the years ahead.

So why did I start my online business?

I was dreaming of lifestyle freedom. For my own selfish reasons initially, but then realised that what I was doing (building a business that gave me lifestyle freedom AND helped other people) could be done by anyone, from literally anywhere, and I wanted to spread the word. Helping others get their own wins became pretty addictive, and it’s still a highlight of my days.

So today, I’d like to thank you for being part of the community, thank you for subscribing to this email list, and thank you for believing in yourself enough to learn more. Lifestyle freedom is not a pipe dream, it can become a reality for anyone willing to pursue it.

Thank you,

Aidan Booth

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6 Comments so far:

  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks Aidan for all you do, I’ve been following you for a few years and make enough online for a pretty good side job. Almost there! I just subcribed to your podcast too.

  2. Chris says:

    I started online in 2005, because I’ve always wanted to work from home. After my daughter was born, I went on parental leave and never looked back! It’s not just the freedom to set your own work hours, but you are also always around to watch your kids grow up and participate in their school activities, be at every recital, and volunteer for events. I’m blessed to be able to do this, and it’s all because I’m able to work online and build a business, a lot of it through Aidan’s teachings. Thank you!

  3. Bethany says:

    Aidan, thanks for all that you have taught me! I worked in corporate while raising my three kids. I missed so many special moments while I was at work, building someone else’s business… so I decided to build a side hustle with the goal of stepping completely out of corporate. I bought one of your products and I was off. I started making money and the proof of concept that I could earn a living online. Fast forward to 2022, I have replaced my 6-figure corporate income and have lifestyle freedom. Thank you!

  4. Leslie N says:

    Thank YOU Aidan! Never regretted following you years ago.. You’re one of the few who genuinely want to teach people what you learned, and for that I appreciate you! Cheers to more in the coming years!

  5. Ryan Dunn says:

    I only decided to explore online businesses this year, and you’re right! now’s the best time ever with all these technologies! Glad I bumped into your podcast. Very helpful, wishing you well!

  6. darryl kay says:

    Thank you for the inspiration! The future is really exciting! I’m one of those thousands of students of yours, still far from my goal but also far from where I started, so for that, thank you!

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