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How To Create A Blockbuster Business Plan

Welcome to my “1st of the month” update for October (coming to you one day early!!!).

If you’ve been following the monthly updates here for some time now, you may have noticed that there wasn’t one on the 1st of September (last month)…


That was the first time I’d EVER missed a monthly update (since April 2012 when I started making them), and hopefully it’s the last one I’ll miss!

Things got EXTREMELY hectic for me at the end of August, in fact…

Three ‘Unusual’ Things Happened…

  • I merged my business with Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey (two guys I’ve followed ever since I started out online)
  • I had to travel to the USA unexpectedly for 10 days
  • I also had the launch of my newest training program, “The Trinity Code”, which launched on September 4th…

Bottom line, a few things came up and I wasn’t prepared enough to get a good quality update out.

Lesson: I should have managed my time better and had a backup plan in place!

For this months update, I asked people who follow my Facebook page to vote on what they wanted to hear about (if you’re not getting my Facebook updates, go to this page and click the “LIKE” button).

Here are the results (as published on

It’s a little hard to see on the image above, but 82% of people voted for a blog post about how to create a solid business plan!

So this month, we’ll be looking at business plans, and how you can more effectively plan your business to get BETTER results (and earn more money!).

Lets get started!

——— ——— ———

Methodical Planning = Better Results

Without doubt, the moment I started methodically planning my business and setting monthly task orientated objectives, my results improved.

Creating a simple business plan (consisting of a Project Overview and Financial Forecast) is EASY. It’ll take you less than an hour to do, but will pay itself of 100x over!

The video below shares an example plan, and explains how you can gradually grow your business to a $100k/year level with just 6 months of dedication (even if you only hit half of the projected income, you’d probably still be pretty happy!).

I also show you how to take costs into account, and why these are an essential part of the planning process (also why they’re nothing to worry about!).

Check out the video, and then leave a comment below (all comments will be approved!):


If you have any issues watching this video, you can also see it on my YouTube channel here:


Business Planning Spreadsheet

If you’ve found this post useful, or have a question, let me know using the comment box below!

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23 Comments so far:

  1. Jeffrey R. says:

    Great content as always Aidan!! Thanks for sharing. I love the meticulous detail, and I certainly hadn’t thought of creating a plan like this before, I will be now though!!

  2. Christy says:

    Very useful Aidan! THANKS! I’m currently only doing Kindle but WILL expand into eCommerce soon I hope!

  3. Rob says:

    Hey Aidan,

    Thanks for the video! Looks like a good way to roll out a business. I just have one question: could you explain an ecommerce website and maybe give an example?

  4. Reggie says:

    Thanks Aidan
    Great info for more of a consistent plan. Should we also add in the monthly cost for wordpress websites? I believe I’m paying $50.00 for 10 sites. I will add this cost to my spread sheet.Thanks.

  5. Salman says:

    Great information mate.

    Just wondering if the multiple domains and hosting is all under on account name e.g. shared hosting.

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Salman,

      You can make the spreadsheet include more things if you want to…in the example though, I’d channel all “domain costs” into the “Domains” row, and all hosting costs into the “Hosting” row…hope this makes sense!

  6. Kit Rosato says:

    Thanks for sharing Aidan. I am working on my business plan now and this was very helpful. Am also on your team “A” in Trinity and loving it. Organizing my goals will be so helpful and keep me on track. Lots to do on my own site and 3 streams of income.



  7. judy robertson says:

    great content and will come in very handy as I build my next site.

  8. Henry says:

    Hello Aidan,
    i like your business plan and your products i bought from you too.
    There you talk about e commerce too.
    You have 6 website to sell e commerce in your business plan.
    Whats this mean exactly.
    You sell electronic articles like Tv’s or related stuff ?
    Your bought this products, sell them and ship them by yourself ?
    Or you mean 6 Websites that offers e commerce products as affiliate
    for amazon for example ?

    thanks for your answer

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Henry,

      The eCommerce websites sell physical products, for examples, bird cages (, outdoor speakers, lamps etc. There are 6 of these types of websites in the example plan, but it’s just an example…I personally more than 6. eCommerce sites are nothing to do with affiliate marketing, they sell physical products and instead of earning a commission, you earn a margin on each sale (which you can set). Hope this clears things up!

  9. Chris says:

    I went to a coffee shop last Saturday, took my laptop, and spent 3 hours on it. I’m blown away at the clarity and focus I have for 2014. Why oh why didn’t I do this before? Thanks, Aidan!

  10. Justus says:

    Thnks, Aidan. This amount of detail is really helpful.

  11. Eva says:

    Thanks Aidan for all your helpful tips and advice – may 2014 be a great year for all of us!

    I have taken your business plan and scaled it down to what I think is doable for me. I’m sure this will keep me on track. I’ll keep a copy of my first estimates and then change the numbers on another copy along with my progress. Whether I reach my goals or not, it will be a valuable guide 🙂

  12. Carlin says:

    Adain, this is great stuff. I just found this video and YOU this weekend. I’m already utilizing your plan structure for my websites and hybridizing it for an ecomm launch and goal setting.

    Do you have a publishing schedule type plan anywhere? Just curious how often you publish to your other sites and/or what you recommend for established sites.

    Again, thanks for putting out such great content. SO helpful!!

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Carlin, thanks for visiting and for commenting! I publish on this blog post once each month, on the 1st of each month. I don’t have a content plan available 🙂

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