Deep Work and Realizing Your Full Potential
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Deep Work and Realizing Your Full Potential

Welcome to the March post!. You can see (or just hear) me at my new podcast, called “The Growth Booth“, where I talk about how to achieve lifestyle freedom through online businesses.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve published the following content on The Growth Booth:

Episode 5 – The Anatomy of an eCommerce Website, Part 1

This episode is the first of a two-part series with Sean Agnew, my business partner. We will discuss not only the components of a perfect online store but also how to increase conversions.

Online traffic is highly variable in today’s world. If you can’t get visitors to enter your conversion funnel the first time, the chances of them returning and performing the desired action are slim. This is merely a missed opportunity for your company. Running effective campaigns is the best way to increase your chances of conversion.

Listen to it here

Episode 6 – The Anatomy of an eCommerce Website, Part 2

This episode is the second and last part of a two-part series with Sean Agnew, my business partner. We will continue discussing the conversion elements that you can add to your eCommerce site.

Every online business has one overarching goal: to convert website traffic into sales. To that end, providing customers with an organized and efficient online shopping experience is critical to success. Only when it drives traffic and converts is an eCommerce portal perfectly tuned. It’s like the perfect recipe for the most delectable dish, the secret of which everyone wishes to learn!

Learn more here

Episode 7 – Realize Your Full Potential Through Focused Deep Work

Would you like to work less but get MUCH better results? If so, then Deep Work is a concept you need to explore!

In this episode, we talk about Deep Work, a book written by Cal Newport, and discuss how the concept of deep work can improve the way you work and provide you with the greater sense of accomplishment that comes from ingenuity.

Deep work is more than just a way to increase productivity. Prioritization is essential when it comes to focusing. Often, the more you try to do, the less you actually accomplish—so, in order to work deeply, you must focus on the most important task at hand.

Listen here

Here is a sample of what I talked about in this episode:

Today I want to talk about deep work. Now deep work is the concept that Cal Newport has written a very good book about, a book I’ve read a couple of times. Cal is someone who has really captured this idea of being in the zone and working in a way where you get so much more done, better than anyone else. I’ve always been aware that there are times when I seem to get an unreasonable, uncommon, unusual amounts of work done and an unusual amount of value created and unusual amounts of content or whatever it is that I’m working on done, and that happens when I’m in a state of deep work.

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It’s really where I get my most creative work done. I think about all the value and all the content that I create, or that you create. Probably if you apply the 80/20 rule there, you’ll find that 80% of the best content that you can create comes from 20% of the time that is spent actually creating it, and chances are that 20% of the time that creates 80% of the value is when you are more likely to be in the state of deep work.

Now deep work is a task or it’s a state of mind that requires your full attention. It’s not something that you can just, you can’t be multitasking and doing deep work at the same time. They’re kind of the opposite of one another. But deep work allows you to tap in to your highest ability. For me personally, it allows me to be so much more creative, and just get more things done.

Oftentimes being busy is a trap that people fall into and I feel like it’s easy to fill up your day, doing things that keep you busy which may not be moving you or your business or your life forward in a productive manner.

In the book, Cal Newport refers to this as shallow work. Shallow work is the kind of work that you can do when you’re distracted – so you can be in conversation with someone and doing something else at the same time, or you could be watching your kids play soccer or something and at the same time you could be doing something on your phone.

That’s shallow work and it’s the kind of work that doesn’t really have very meaningful results, which is why it’s called shallow work, and which is why people are able to do it while they’re multitasking but it’s still a dilution of your energy.

In this episode today, I want to talk about some of the characteristics of deep work and give you some ideas about how you can get in the zone to really pump out your best quality content or effort (or whatever that may be) and hopefully leave you with some ideas on how you can bring this into your own life.

A big part of this is deliberate practice. Deliberate practice is really the key to accomplishing deep work: it won’t necessarily come naturally and I think a lot of people struggle to maintain a state of deep work over a longer period of time. But if it’s something that you’re conscious of and you focus on practicing, then over time, you’re going to find that the skills that you develop for it will allow you to get into that state of maximum productivity, maximum creativity, this deep work state more regularly.

However, the very first rule of this is that, multitasking is the enemy here. Multitasking inevitably will lower your performance because it means that your brainpower is essentially diluted, so if you’ve got all of your brainpower working on just one thing at a time, then of course you’re going to get better results than if you’re dividing it up across multiple things, at the same time.

The price that you pay for distraction is not just in the moment; if you’re distracted from deep work, it can take you 15 minutes to get back into that productive state. So multitasking is a huge distraction and can kill any chance of being in deep work and ultimately lead you to working, and creating something that is probably much lower quality than you can do and, most likely, mediocre.

I think some people find it hard to get into a state of deep work and part of that is because there are so many distractions out there. You could have social media buzzing at you, and you could have your phone beeping at you, and you could have someone else demanding something of you.

It’s probably easier for someone who works for themselves, who is in control of their own day, to be able to find and get into that deep work state than it is for someone who is working in an office just because of all of the environmental distractions that might come your way if you’re working in an office…

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