Dissecting Successful Amazon Products
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Dissecting Successful Amazon Products


Welcome to the 1st of September 2014, blog post on AidanBooth.com!!

Since April 2012, I’ve been releasing a monthly post to share internet marketing ideas, industry news and most importantly, provide you with useable insights to help you grow (or start) your online business.

This month is no different.

In fact, if you’re interested in building (or already have) a ‘White Label’ Amazon eCommerce business, then the videos and REAL examples I’ve got for you today will de-mystify exactly how a few very important parts of these businesses work

Today’s post is ALL ABOUT taking an “under the cover” look at successful money making Amazon products, and more specifically, the way these products position themselves and exactly how they interact with their customers.

The four products I’m going to reveal today make well over $50,000 per MONTH (I’ve estimated this based on product BSR), and you’re about to discover:

  • The way these top selling products are packaged and delivered to the customer
  • The ‘product inserts‘ used including the exact design and the hooks utilized
  • The squeeze pages that convert buyers into subscribers
  • And MUCH more…

REQUEST: This is the first post I’ve ever done specifically related to White Label eCommerce. If you’ve got questions for me, feedback, or would like me to write more posts about eCommerce in the future, then leave a comment at the bottom to let me know!

Let’s dive in!


The video above explains what I’m doing, and reveals the products I’ve purchased.


In the video below, you’ll see me unpack the products and get an inside look at the product inserts and packaging:


In the third and final video, I share the squeeze pages that are being used, and give my thoughts on the aspects I like most about them:


Here are the photos of the inserts, the packaging, and the followup emails I’ve received since I purchased (click any of the photo to make them bigger)…

Tarriss Luggage Scale: Front View


Tarriss Luggage Scale: Back View


Tarriss Luggage Scale: Side View #1


Tarriss Luggage Scale: Side View #2


Tarriss Luggage Scale: Top View


Here’s the front page of the Tarriss instruction manual, and the Tarriss product insert (the product insert only has information on the front):


This is what the inside of the Tarriss instruction manual looks like:


And here’s the back of the Tarriss instruction manual showing the Lifetime Warranty and Limited Liability statement:


Below is the front of the product insert for the ShackePak packing cube:


Here’s the back of the ShackePak product insert. As you can see, emphasis is put on the importance of reading the information, and on customer satisfaction.


This is the front of the ShackePak tag which was hooked on to the bags:


And this is the back of the ShackePak product tag. As you can see, the URL to the squeeze page is listed, and emphasis is again put on the benefits of going to that page:


Below is the front of the product insert which was connected to the Bago packing cubes:


This is what the back of the Bago insert looks like:


Note: In my opinion, the insert used for the ShackePak is more effective than the insert used by Bago. I find it more clear to follow, and the “Attention Read First” headline definitely caught my attention.


The email below was sent to me about 48 hours after I made the purchase. As you can see, emphasis is put on customer satisfaction, and Tarriss have told me to expect more followup emails.


Below is the email I received from Tarriss after opting in to their newsletter via their Squeeze Page (shown in Video 3). As you can see, my bonus report has been delivered and so has my 25% off coupon:


Here’s the email I received from DynaPro about 5-6 days after I purchased. DynaPro aren’t leveraging an opt-in page, and have no product insert:



What’s the big takeaway from this case study?

In my opinion, you need to simply copy what works, and keep things VERY simple.

There is no single “right formula” for packaging, inserts, and squeeze pages. Four different products that are all selling thousands of dollars worth of inventory every single week are using four slightly different approaches to packaging, product inserts, and squeeze pages.

The ProGrade resistance bands showed how they’re able to succeed with a simple plastic bag as packaging, and without a product insert.

The Tarriss luggage scale showed how a simple eBook can be used as an incentive to get people opting in.

And the packing cube products both offered different incentives to get their buyers into their “VIP Programs”.

What I recommend is that when you’re launching your Amazon products, you focus on simplicity. To begin with, use simple packaging, a simple incentive (like a lifetime warranty), and a simple squeeze page. When your product begins to make multiple sales each day, invest in better packaging (to make your product look truly premium), but initially, Keep It Super Simple.

I’ve put together a useful ‘Product Insert Checklist’ which you can download, just click the button below:

I’d love your feedback and welcome questions. If you’ve got something you’d like to say (or to share), leave a comment below!

Until next time,

Aidan Booth

P.S. If we’re not connected on my Facebook page, head over to http://www.facebook.com/aidanboothonline and click the LIKE button. This will ensure you stay up to date on what I’m working on, and get notification about future case studies 🙂

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111 Comments so far:

  1. Steve Szudera says:

    Adian thanks for the info plan on seeing ya again this late fall in florida
    Thanks again

  2. Chris says:

    Another fantastic, in-depth post, Aidan! I’ve been doing the same thing (including checking out the Amazon seller to see what else they sell), and my office is starting to get cluttered with boxes and customer inserts that I would usually throw out. The warning on the bag is a great touch to show, as it’s one of Amazon’s policies to have.

    One thing I did notice is that these products had a 30-day guarantee … that’s the standard guarantee from Amazon anyway. You can one-up your competition by offering a one year or even lifetime guarantee (with the expectation that 99% of people won’t ever actually return your product after a year.)

    As a bonus, you’ll be using most of these for your trip back home!

    • Aidan says:

      Hey Chris, as always, thanks for your words of wisdom! The products do have 30 day guarantees, however one of them offers lifetime warranty as the incentive to opt in, I thought that was a pretty good additional incentive, as it could still be stated in some way on the listing (“eligible for lifetime warranty…”).

      And yeah, I can use these products a little bit 🙂

  3. Pete says:

    Aidan, thank you for the very insightful way of showing us how to do white label the right way.

    Great videos and photos as examples and training…

  4. Janet says:

    OMG Aidan! This is EXACTLY what I needed to see!!! I’m an eFormula Evolution Member (you may remember me from the forum) and I’m right at the point of creating my inserts and packaging now, so this couldn’t have come at a better time!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!! As always, your content ROCKS!

  5. Chuck says:

    Thanks for this Aidan! You know… most people charge for this kind of content, it is very generous of you to take the time to actually create it for us for free. I look forward to seeing the checklist!

  6. Beatrice says:

    Hi Aidan!

    We met each other in Orlando this weekend, great presentation BTW.

    I have a question for you… do you think it’s vital to have a squeeze page and inserts? My husband and I launched a product following the eFormula Evolution method, but we started without any of that. Our product is making sales, but we’re not following up in any way since we don’t actually have inserts… what are your thoughts on this?

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Beatrice, nice to meet you in Orlando 🙂

      It’s not vital to have a squeeze page and inserts, but it does help… I think on your very first product, the most important thing is just getting it finished and launched. Once your product is launched, then I definitely recommend adding an insert and a squeeze page, as it’ll allow you to follow up and get more reviews more easily (and sell future products to that buyer as well).

      Also, keep in mind that the insert can be SUPER simple… even just a little business card would be fine. And the squeeze page can also be really really simple… focus on simplicity to begin with 🙂

  7. Marisa Zappatore says:

    Hi Aidan,

    This is superb useful! Thanks for sharing.
    For a beginner like me, this gives me the right focus for my first label.

  8. Todd Lloyd says:

    Awesome detail!
    Awesome actionable takeaways!
    Awesome thought process on modeling what works!

    You’ve shortcut so much time off of my learning curve it is amazing. Small, actionable steps, now this is doable. I still work a 70 hour a week corporate job, following your tutoring here is a massive time saver. And yes, the parts of my business where I’ve implemented your strategies have produced income. Now, to get an employee or outsourcer to work “on” this while I hit my day job to pay my bills.

    I am thoroughly pleased with every post you write, including your super long video FAQ. Great content for action takers like me. BTW, I prefer the text over the videos for time savings.

    Thanks again,

    • Aidan says:

      Hey Todd! Thanks for you feedback, I appreciate it!!! Also, thanks for letting me know that you prefer text over video… that’s something I can definitely use to improve things in the future 🙂

  9. Martin Clark says:

    I have a question for you Aidan. You mention Lead Pages as a way to make the Optin/Squeeze pages. The only thing is, Lead Pages is $37/month… seems like that will add up over time, and I’d prefer to not need to pay an ongoing payment.

    Any thoughts or recomemndations you can give me?

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Martin, you don’t need to keep the recurring payment running indefinitely… you could sign up for a month and then cancel if you wanted to…

      Alternatives are:

      1. FunnelizerPRO (see link in sidebar to get this)
      2. Pay someone on Elance/Freelancer

      • Boris C. says:

        Hi Aidan. But then if you cancel recurring charge for Lead Pages, all your prepared opt-in pages and data will be lost?

        Would Optimize Press be better opt-in plugin?

        • Aidan says:

          Hi Boris,

          With LeadPages, you can actually download the HTML version of your Squeeze Page, so even after you cancel the account, it would still work.

  10. Anays says:

    Hi Aidan, you don’t know me but now I know you. I just found this presentation in a posy from one of my friends, and as I’m giving my first steps into trying to sell on amazon (just started 5 days ago), I checked on it and I must tell you that it is great, I love it, very good information of great value. Thanks a lot for being so generous:

  11. Chris says:

    Hi Aidan-

    Great information! One question, how do you estimate sales based on BSR. I’m sure it’s different depending on the category the product is in, etc. please let me know.


    • Aidan says:

      Hey Chris,

      Yeah, although BSR is a direct reflection of sales, it DOES vary massively from category to category… for example, a product with a BSR of 500 in “Kitchen and Dining” will be selling MANY more units/day compared to a product with a BSR of 500 in “Janitorial”. We have a pretty good idea of what the BSR’s translate to in terms of sales, as we have products (and know people who have products) in a wide range of categories. So when I referred to “over $50k/m”, it was a rough estimate based on my experience and what I’ve seen with a range of products 🙂

      Hope this helps clear things up!

      • Inhee says:

        Hi Aidan,

        Brilliant training that I was desperately needed.
        The product I try to order but wasn’t possible as Amazon won’t send to Australia.
        Thank you so much.
        Could I ask you another favour? Would you be able to add a post “estimate sales based on BSR” to maybe eFormular forum or Tool section if not possible here so that we can have some idea of an estimation when we make the initial order for the product? I am about to negotiate the first order but really nervous about the wrong quantity order considering the second order might take 60 days to arrive in USA.
        It will be much appreciated. Thank you.

        • Aidan says:

          Hi Inhee, great idea about a post for estimating sales based on BSR 🙂 I’ll add that to my “to-do” list. For right now, I recommend you place a conservative order… normally we try to order as little as possible on the first order, and then quickly follow up with a second order once we know the product is selling well.

  12. Su Kenny says:

    Hi Aidan

    This is brilliant! Thank you very much for using real live examples, and different ones to give us help us appreciate what can be done/how they can be done.

    A question – From your experience, is it necessary to have a squeeze page to capture email? or Can we get good results too by requesting that they email their details directly to us?

    Does Amazon frown upon the latter? (Making contact with customers directly by giving out direct email addresses)

    Thanks again.

    • Aidan says:

      Hey Su, I think you’ll get much better results with a Squeeze Page compared to asking them to email you directly… in saying that, I’ve never actually tried it, I’ve always just used an optin form…

  13. Alan says:

    Aidan, I have to say that you have blown me away with the amount of detail in this post. It has really opened my eyes to what is possible on Amazon, and made me realise the difference between the many different products and why some are doing really well and others are not performing at all.

    This has given me some real food for thought, so thank you for that.

    • Aidan says:

      Great! I’m glad to hear that! My big idea was to not only show you what successful vendors are doing, but also make it crystal clear that you can do this too (if you want to). Thanks for the feedback Alan!

  14. KJ says:


    This is very interesting information however I see 2 possible Amazon violations and wanted to get your thoughts.

    1. Amazon requires “Suffocation Warnings” to be printed on any plastic bag with an opening of at least 5 inches. 1 of the products did not meet this requirement. Its my understanding that for FBA merchandise Amazon will either reject non-compliant merchandise or apply stickers and change a fee.

    2. I was quite surprised that one of the merchants is offering 25% discounts for future purchases. if this offer is done outside of Amazon wouldn’t this be a violation of Amazon’s rules? If not then how is this done while still complying with Amazon?

    • Aidan says:

      Hi KJ,

      Yeah, you’re right about the bag, HOWEVER it may be okay as the one that didn’t have a warning was a zip-lock bag… I’m not 100% sure, but perhaps that has slightly different rules?

      For #2, you can absolutely offer a coupon in the way it has been done in the examples. It’s not a violation… its effectively the exact same thing we do during regular promos, the only difference is that this time the coupon may not have an expiration date…

      • KJ says:

        Does Amazon allow giving coupons that are used on another site? I was under the impression that this is strictly forbidden.

        • Aidan says:

          You can DEFINITELY give away coupons… the coupons will be used on Amazon, but you can give them away via your email list (which you generate with the optin form), so it’s fine 🙂

  15. Marek says:

    Hi Aidan,

    Great stuff. Very helpfull.Thank you.
    I tried to download the checklist but without success. Could you kindly fix that glitch or send me the checklist .



    • Aidan says:

      Hi Marek, the checklist will be sent to you after you click the Green button, and insert you email… perhaps try again with another email, if you STILL can’t get it, then let me know and we’ll sort something out.

  16. Shaun says:

    Fantastic content as usual, Aidan! Love how you over deliver and make things so simple to grasp.
    This info you shared helps tremendously. Just wondering… what your suggestions might be if one was trying to get ideas about their competitors packaging and products, but was living outside of the US? How would you recommend getting these items to you? as many of them don’t seem to ship outside of the states. Also, if they did… the delivery times would be quite long.


    • Aidan says:

      Hey Shaun, thanks for your comments, I appreciate them 🙂

      If you’re outside the USA, you may need to use an international mail forwarder…take a look at something like http://www.shipito.com/.

      • Boris C. says:

        Interesting if they remove background by themselves using green screen setup at home or send to photo agency. Do you happen to know good photo agencies that do that Aidan?

        You mentioned that who description in image is frowned by Amazon but what if description comprise 80% of text and 20% of images nicely formatted and aligned?

        • Aidan says:

          You can use “RemoveTheBackground.com”… it’s impossible for me to know exactly what they did to get the white background, but we use RemoveTheBackground.com and it works very well.

          The description should be 100% text… Amazon frowns upon images being used, in saying this, if you can get away with it, then great.

          • Boris C. says:

            If you search Amazon for “Logitech marathon m705” you will see that listing has texts and images nicely columned and formatted. It speaks professionalism not only because it is easy to scan with an eye but also because not everything is inside of 1 huge image like some listings are.

          • Aidan says:

            Yeah, this is fine… it’s fine to use images and text etc, if Amazon asks you to bring it down, then just do it… lots of people deliberately push the boundaries to see what they can get away with…

      • Shaun says:

        Great, thanks! This looks just what I was after 🙂

  17. Donna says:

    Hi Aidan,
    I really enjoyed your short videos. I have learnt heaps of extra info that will help me with my Amazon product. You are a great educator and really looking forward to more of these in the future.

  18. Mario says:

    Hi Aidan! 🙂

    A Million Thanks for the outstanding job! Simply fabulous!

  19. Paul Warner says:

    Excellent blog post with wads of very interesting information. Didn’t realize how important the inserts are, even though I have looked at inserts when I bought something, but now I see so much more value in having them. I also liked the squeeze page comparisons. The information as to the headings with the product description is invaluable because you can almost tell when someone is trying to oversell their product. I like the whole idea of selling physical products so this was a post I was highly interested. Thank you Aiden, extremely informative. Paul

  20. Sanjay says:

    Hi Aiden,

    The videos were excellent! Thanks for sharing your insights with us. How would one use an insert in the case of:

    1. A party item that is single use (almost a consumable) and does not lend itself to a warranty
    2. A toy car / boat

    Can’t figure what the insert / squeeze page should be in either case. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Sanjay, the inserts job is to get people opting in to your mailing list… that’s all.

      So think about what incentive would match your offers…?

      For #1, maybe some complimentary report or guide… or an extra item free (“enter your details and we’ll send you another one, absolutely free”)
      For #2, you could give away something free as well… the great fallback option is to offer people to become a “VIP Member” and be notified about future giveaways. Another option is simply to give a lifetime 10% off coupon for any future purchases…

      Hope this helps!

  21. Carrick says:

    Thanks Aidan!! Great post.

    Just curious what your thoughts/suggestion are on inserts (or an equivalent) for a supplement? One of the things I struggle with is how to differentiate it from competitors, and how to present customers with a link to an opt-in page:

    The way my bottles (supplements) are packaged doesn’t really lend itself to inserts, so I’m limited to a very small piece of real estate on the label….I was thinking I would just add a url to the label (such as http://www.domain.com/bonus) and then recommend customers ‘visit the link on the bottle’ to get a free bonus gift and other goodies in a follow-up email. The free gift (likely an eBook on a topic related to the product) is not only an incentive to opt-in, but also a way to differentiate the product from competitors (and I would refer to the eBook in the product listing)….

    What do you think? Any suggestions you can make or gotchas I should me mindful of would be most appreciated!!


    • Aidan says:

      Hey Carrick, there must be a way you can use some kind of insert… what about a little un-foldable piece of paper stuck on the top of the bottle cap? Something simple… or, some kind of paper folder around the bottle…

      If not, then just include some BIG benefit on the label. Using a domain such as “http://www.domain.com/bonus” is fine. The incentive I’ve seen for supplements in the past is coupons… discounts off future orders (these work was, because in many cases people WILL return to buy more supplements, also it’s something you could put on the label easily).

      Probably the best thing you can do is buy a few of your competitors products, and see what they’re doing 🙂

  22. Carrick says:

    Why was my comment deleted? Can you please restore it? Nothing wrong or inappropriate within it. I did use a fake url (domain.com), so it may have been detected as spam….

    • Aidan says:

      Hey Carrick, no, your comment wasn’t deleted, I just hadn’t had a chance to login and see it yet. It’s been approved now, and I’ve replied 🙂

      • Carrick says:

        Thanks for the thoughts Aidan! I will see if I can get my manufacturer to add anything to the packaging so I can make the offers and incentives for opting in clear.

        If not, I’ll go the route of putting a link on the label and referring to discount coupons (which will also be mentioned in the Amazon order emails)…

  23. Carl says:

    Hello Aidan

    Great post, videos and all.

    Living outside of the US, I always wanted to do something like this but cost for shipping and then import duties were always prohibitive. So being able to see how different sellers put their after sale customer interaction together has been a real gem of information.


    • Aidan says:

      Hey Carl! Living outside the USA, I can COMPLETELY relate to your desire to reverse analyze competitors, and the costs involved, that’s EXACTLY why I made the most of my time in Orlando 🙂 Glad you found it useful!

  24. Nicol says:

    Hi, Aidan! So good content here! Thank you so much! I m from outside USA, from Europe to be exact, and I wonder if I can white labeling products on Amazon with Fulfill by Amazon Program? Also, I am already subscriber of you site and I can t download ”Product Insert Checklist” with your opt-in form from LeadPages ( it said that I am already subscriber ). Can you please give a URL for download checklist?

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Nicol, yes, you CAN start a white label business in the USA, regardless of where you live. For the cheat sheet, it may say you’re already subscriber, the the cheat sheet will still be sent to you anyway… just check your email.

  25. Adrian says:

    Hi Aidan, and thanks for the training!

    Question – how did Tarris and Dynapro get your e-mail address from just the purchase? You mentioned that Dynapro didn’t even have an opt-in form, yet they were able to e-mail you.

    • Aidan says:

      Hey Adrian,

      There’s a way you can send messages to customers directly from within Amazon, so this is how Tarriss and DynaPro managed to do it.

  26. Dr Steve says:

    Hey Aidan,

    Let me tell you…you know what your talking about!

    Great information and nice to meet you. My question is I,m in the skin care niche and my product is doing ok, but I don’t think it’s a homerun!

    The niche is tough with so much competition.. But I have started a brand. So for my next product would you stay in the same niche or experiment in other niches that might be more profitable?


    Dr Steve
    San Diego

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Steve,

      It’s so hard to say with so little information… my gut feeling would be to stick in the same niche, and focus on growing it…

  27. Ian says:

    Hi Aidan,

    Regarding the barcodes on the packaging. Were they UPC, FNSKU or did some have both?

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Ian,

      The barcodes have an FNSKU on them. The way you can tell, is that a UPC barcode is just bars an numbers. The Amazon FNSKU has words and numbers under it.

  28. Tom says:


    Great work. I especially liked the photos of the inserts. What tools so you use to create your own inserts? Or can you recommend a service for getting these inserts outsourced?


    • Aidan says:

      Hey Tom,

      We have inserts created in a couple of ways:

      1. Using a local print shop in the town where one of our eCommerce employees lives in the USA (she adds the inserts to the package before sending them to Amazon)

      2. Using one of our manufacturers in China, who was able to sort it all out for us (for a small fee).

      Best way to start is to simply ask your supplier, chances are they can organize it all for you!

  29. Michael says:

    Hello Aidan,

    Great information and kudos for your dedication to paving the way for us all. In my opinion, a mechanism for promoting Amazon reviews as in the case of ShackPak’s warranty page is a huge competitive advantage. Look’s like it was produced in Word Press.

    What do think of a simple 3 or 4 page website supporting the product via the squeeze page and would Word Press be the best option especially if future ecommerce sales are planned?

    Appreciate your thoughts,

    Michael, Canada

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂

      If you’re using WordPress, the free “Decode” theme is a good one (I’ll try make a demo of that shortly and put it here on AidanBooth.com). Decode theme is free, and it’s minimalistic, so I think it works well.

      Whether WordPress is best is really a never-ending debate. You can do nice sites with Shopify, but that’s more geared towards a full blow eCom store than a simple squeeze page type thing… I’d recommend you start with WordPress, and KEEP IT SUPER SIMPLE 🙂

  30. Wen says:

    Hi Aidan,

    Brilliant Video with great examples!

    Just want to know how do we handle lifetime warranty for a product?


    • Aidan says:

      Hi Wen,

      For the lifetime warranty, you can just ask them to send it back to you, and you replace it with a manually fulfillment order in FBA… we’ve found that very very few people every ask for this though, because it’s not a costly purchase, no-one would ever really bother (so you gain a lot more than you lose by included this warranty/guarantee)

  31. Rich says:

    Really good practical information. Were the follow up emails done through amazon or through a 3rd party software such as feedback genie and if so any recommendations. With reviews being such an important strategy for success on amazon do you find its best to request them on the first email or do in a later email. I noticed tariss didnt request a review and it was the first sentence in dynapro which seems a bit too pushy and direct.
    Would be good to have more info on BSR and how accurate is fba toolkit in estimating sales as it can be very helpful when deciding on products.

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Rich, gad you found this info useful!

      The followup emails from Tarriss were all via the Amazon system, and I think (from memory) they did end up asking for a review, just not right away. For your emails, I recommend a mixture of emails sent via the Amazon system, and others via Aweber (get people to optin to your list).

      I’ll work on getting more BSR info for you 🙂

      • Rich says:

        Thanks for the info
        Was just reading on Skip Mcgrath newsletter (def worth checking out) that amazon has changed the way they read keywords.
        They only look at the title and the keyword field in the back end so the description and bullet points are now not used for search and ranking. Just have to find the balancing act of adding all the keywords to the title without sounding like it was written by google.

  32. Hi Aidan –

    I just reviewed the ‘unpacking’ video again. while I was keenly interested in adopting some of the best ideas of a couple of those inserts, I initially thought I’d have to wait until I order more inventory -which will not be soon.

    Tonight I had a brainstorm for implementing it sooner.

    Others may have thought of it already.

    I have a series of 4 emails going out to each customer. It is entirely appropriate to strategically place these proud words in each of them:

    ***If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, before you leave a negative review, contact us at:

    your email address

    We will do whatever it takes to resolve the issue and make you 100% Satisfied.***

    I intend to do just that tomorrow.

    Thanks for that.

    • Aidan says:

      Hey Dave,

      Yeah, I REALLY liked that line too! It’s simple, but it’ll definitely help to minimize the negative reviews for sure!

  33. John Howell says:

    Thank you Aiden. I have been looking at packaging for my fitness products and the ziplock poly bag is perfect for me. I was always looking at a box solution and didn’t want to tie up money as the print runs are high for boxes and it would take me a while to use 3000 and then there was the assembly time. So I ordered just 50 polybags to test after I finished watching your video and they have just arrived. They work brilliantly with my product which comes with 3 fitness DVDs in a standard DVD box. My A4 double side printed insert promoting my site and other products fits perfectly. Thanks again for such valuable and free tips. Much appreciated.

  34. Heidi says:

    Hi Aidan,

    Thank you for such an amazing post. I too am a member of the eFormula Evolution program. The videos and all your images here on your post make it so, so easy to understand. I have been on hiatus from eFormula for the past month as I have been super busy with house rennos and can’t wait to pick up again where I left off. I have my sample product from my supplier and will be placing the first order with them in the coming days, very exciting.

    Thank you Aidan and to the other guys at eFormula too, I’m really enjoying the whole process and excited about my husband and I having the life of our dreams in the not too distant future.

    Thanks again for sharing such wonderful information, I really appreciate it.

    Cheers from Australia,
    Heidi 🙂

    • Aidan says:

      Hey Heidi, thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you’re getting back into eFormula Evolution now! Remember to let me know how you get on, you’ve got a sample now, so the hard part is probably already done 🙂

  35. Hans says:

    Hi Aidan,

    Thanks for your blog post, this was exactly what I was looking for!

    In your opinion, what’s best for the inserts: asking for a Product Review or asking for a Seller Feedback?

    Is it better to ask for Seller Feedback first?

    Because in that case, if buyers are not happy with their purchase, more often they’ll give you a negative Seller Feedback instead of a negative Product review. That way, you avoid the risk of a negative Product Review a bit more.

    When buyers are happy with their purchase, they’ll give you a positive Seller Feedback. With a follow-up email, you can then ask them to also post a positive Product Review.

    On the other hand (like you wrote in your Checklist): you can also better avoid the risk of a negative Product Review with a sentence like: “if for some reason, you’re not 100% satisfied, BEFORE you leave a negative Product Review, contact us first”.

    What is best in your opinion?

    Kind regards,

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Hans,

      It’s best to ask for a review, not Seller Feedback. You can word your insert so that the buyer will contact YOU before leaving a review if they’re not happy. For example: “if you’re not 100% satisfied, please contact us RIGHT away by sending us an email to ____” (or using the other example I gave you).

      Hope this helps!

  36. Amir says:

    Hi Adain,

    Fantastic post yet again. This must be the fourth time I have came to read it, and every time I learn something new. Thank once again for such a gret post.
    Also are you going to reopen eFormula Evolution again? Because from reading the various comments here I think that is something I should have been involved in.

    Kind regards,

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Amir, I’m glad you found this useful!

      We don’t have plans to re-open eFormula Evolution, at least not for now. For more information about when we ma be taking new members, please contact our support desk and I can reply to you through there (http://support.blueprintcentral.com) 🙂

  37. Erica says:

    Hi Aidan,

    I understand this question probably has been already asked and answered. I have to ask again because I still don’t have much clue reading the previous conversation. My question is for supplements (my first product) what options do I have in terms of inserts to outperform my competitors? I mean basically there isn’t really a box outside of the bottle and I can’t really insert my business card or whatever.

    Thanks a lot.


    • Aidan says:

      Buy your competitors products and see how they do it… one option would be the have a fold out label on the side of the container, I’ve seen this done before… but the best thing would be to actually buy your competitions products and check…

  38. Erica says:

    Thanks a lot Aidan really appreciate.

    Do you offer group or private training on such topic?

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Erica, you’re welcome 🙂

      We have a program called eFormula Evolution, however it’s closed to the public at the moment. If you subscribe to my mailing list (see right hand sidebar of this site), I’ll let you know if/when we re-open.

  39. Ted says:

    Hi Aidan,
    Was impressed with the mail you got from Dynapro via amazon marketplace service.
    Any idea what tool they used to include images/html into their mail?
    Normally this is not possible through AMZ account?

  40. Alex says:

    Hi Aidan. Great post – would love to see more on this subject. Quick question: I’ve seen a lot of talk on Facebook groups that Amazon actually doesn’t allow these inserts that direct to your sites URL. Nevertheless, they are v. important. Do you think Bago and Shakepak are being a little risky by making their insert visible? I’m wondering, for my product, if it’s better to wait until I upgrade from a polybag to a box before using inserts? Thoughts? Thank you.

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Alex, thanks for the feedback 🙂

      I haven’t actually heard this about the inserts. I would be very surprised if this is the case, as big companies are doing the same thing. I recently purchased a new Samsonite suitcase, and sure enough, it had a product insert with it and links to it’s website. You could call Amazon to ask about this, but I’d be VERY surprised if they did anything to the people who are using this tactic.

  41. Debbie says:

    Hey Aidan,
    Thanks for so much GREAT info! I’m a total beginner so I need to backtrack a bit and ask you how you come up with niches/products to search for in the first place? (ie what’s your method for finding products?)

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Debbie, I’m glad you like the info! Regarding finding niches/products, great question, and it’s something I really need to create a video about in order to explain in detail. As a start though, just diving deep into different Amazon categories and browsing around works really well. I’ve made a note to cover research tactics in an upcoming blog post 🙂

  42. Chris says:

    Hey Aidan,

    This is probably the tenth time I’ve referred back to this, as I’m currently redesigning my insert to try and make it more effective. Again and again, this post is absolute gold info!

  43. CJ says:

    Thanks for the awesome post Aidan.

    Quick question…

    Will Amazon allow us to put a lot of the same information that is on our insert on our packaging, too? In other words, can we try to entice them to optin to our list from our outside product packaging?


    • Aidan says:

      YES! Absolutely 🙂 You can put whatever you want on your packaging!

      • CJ says:

        One more quick question Aidan…

        For our images/photos on our product page, will Amazon allow us to use one that tells potential customers to optin to our email list for a special discount, vip treatment, ebook, etc.?

        Thanks again so much for everything!

  44. Joseph says:

    Great content as usual Aidan!!! Do you have any recommendations on packing companies that will do a box like the Jet Setter you show in this post?

    Many Thanks!!!

    • Aidan says:

      Hey Joseph, I’ve never actually used a packing company based in the USA. We get all our products either packed by our manufacturers, or at our office in China. You could to FBAInspection.com though, I know Jim and his team do a range of things and I’m sure they could do that. If you’re referring to getting a box printed, do a search in Alibaba, there are lots of Chinese companies who do this, can’t remember them off the top of my head though.

  45. Discover More says:

    Thank you for all your work on this site. Gloria enjoys carrying out investigation and it’s really easy to understand why. All of us hear all about the lively mode you convey vital things through this website and cause response from others about this point then our own child is without a doubt learning a lot. Enjoy the remaining portion of the new year. You’re the one carrying out a powerful job.

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