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Hit Lists – The FASTEST Way To Boost Rankings

Welcome to my “1st of the month” internet marketing update!!

On the 1st of every month, I write a blog post about some topic related to internet marketing…sometimes it’s training with videos (like today), sometimes it’s my take on news and changes in the internet marketing space, and sometimes it’s other peoples inspirational success stories. The content changes, but the goal is always the same: To give YOU useful information that you can apply to GROW your business.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure you watch the short video at the end of this article…if you want to hear more from me in the future, then PLEASE watch it.

Let’s get started…

A few months ago, I was brainstorming link building tactics with one of my internet marketing friends, Steven Clayton (I’ve learned a MASSIVE amount from Steve over the years, check out his IM blog here: http://theimblueprint.com).

We were talking about the SEO tactics that worked well for our businesses, and no matter what we explored, we couldn’t get away from the INSANE power of links on related websites…

…but not just related website, websites that Google TRUSTS.

And not only on related and trustworthy websites, but websites where your competitors have ALREADY got links…(get a link here and you not only boost your own rankings, but you nullify your competitors previous advantage!)

Quite simply…when you get a few of these links, your rankings can SKYROCKET.

I’ve seen it OVER and OVER again, and so has Steve.

Up until now, the process has been a bit rough…not as simple as it could have been. So when speaking with Steve, we started refining this process and eventually developed what we call the Hit List Strategy.

The “Hit List” Strategy

The video below walks you through exactly how this strategy works, and you’ll even see me get a PR4 link. Check it out (click the icon in the bottom right corner to expand the video size):



Click Here to watch this video on YouTube

Video Timestamp:

0.31 – Overview of a “Hit List”
1.11 – I use a folder on my desktop to manage the process
1.31 – A look at the Hit List spreadsheet and Swipe email files
1.53 – The first thing you need to do is identify your top competitors
2.07 – A look at CDLTrainingHub.com (the website used in this example)
2.21 – Using PageWash.com to identify my competitors
3.13 – A closer look at TheTruckersReport.com (one of my competitors)
3.45 – Examples of competing websites that will eventually be used for building my Hit Lists
4.00 – Examples of websites that I won’t analyze (and why)
4.28 – Analyzing the first competitors website with OpenSiteExplorer.org
5.02 – Adding information to the tracking spreadsheet
5.30 – Ignore internal links on your competitors site…these should not be targets as they’re impossible to get
5.40 – Why I also recommend ignoring websites such as Indeed.com
6.09 – A closer look at the 1st potential target webpage
6.24 – Finding where the link is located on the target site
6.33 – The first link is a comment link…something I can probably replicate
6.48 – Why I’ll add this website to my Hit List
7.07 – Adding the first website to my Hit List spreadsheet
7.30 – A closer look at the 2nd potential Hit List target
8.06 – A closer look at the 3rd potential Hit List target
8.20 – This website looks like a directory, and it’d be a good one to target
8.38 – Why I have a column called “Website Analyzed” on my Hit List spreadsheet
8.46 – Using the “Source” column on the Hit List spreadsheet (and why it’s there)
9.06 – How to find more targets for your Hit List using MajesticSEO.com and AHRefs.com
10.07 – Looking at the top 10 links presented by MajesticSEO.com
10.40 – Looking at my 4th potential Hit List target (first from Majestic SEO)
11.15 – Using a Page Rank bar to check the Page Rank (and information about typical PR’s you should expect)
11.30 – Looking at the 5th potential target (second from Majestic SEO)
11.50 – Looking at the 6th potential target (third from Majestic SEO)
12.12 – A closer look at how to use AHRefs.com to uncover your competitors backlinks
12.21 – Using the “External Backlinks” tab inside AHRefs.com to uncover the best backlinks
12.40 – Looking at a strange unrelated website, and why it wouldn’t really be a target I’d focus on
14.25 – Next step, making contact with target website owners to get links
14.40 – I can get a link on Target #1 just by leaving a comment
15.04 – Leaving my comment (and the anchor text I’m using for the link)
16.21 – Updating the Hit List spreadsheet
16.40 – My comment is LIVE on a PR4 website
17.17 – How I mark Hit List links as “obtained”
17.40 – A closer look at the Aviva directory (and how I’m going to use it)
18.54 – How to get a link by contacting the website owner (email or form)
20.04 – How to modify the “swipe” I use to contact website owners
22.00 – How to adding a “payment” option to your contact email (if you want to pay)
22.25 – How to contact a website owner if you can’t find their email on their website (using NetworkSolutions.com)
23.45 – The subject line I use when making contact via emails
24.50 – Reviewing the process
25.45 – The daily plan (takes 2-3 minutes per day)
26.20 – Where you can outsource this process (SEOBlueprint.org use target Hit Lists)

Overview of the Hit List Strategy:

  1. Identify one of your top competitors by seeing who ranks at the top of Google for your target keyword(s)
  2. Uncover the most powerful places your competitor has links and identify links you could realistically replicate – these will be your “Targets”
  3. Add 10 targets to your Hit List spreadsheet (click here to download the demo spreadsheet)
  4. Attempt to get a link on one of your “Hit List Targets” each day BEFORE you do anything else (I do it BEFORE checking emails etc)
  5. When you’ve reached the bottom of your Target list, re-populate your Hit List with new Targets.

Here’s the contact script I use when emailing/contacting website owners:

To whom it may concern,

My name is NAME, I run XXXXXXX.com – a website with lots of information about how to get a commercial drivers license.

I’m contacting to ask if you’re able to add a link to my website to the “____________” section of your website on this page: http://www.xxxxxxxxxxx.com/resources/ ?

I think my website is a perfect fit, as we provide a lot of free information to people interested in getting a commercial drivers license…

Here’s the link that I’d like to add to your site:


I look forward to hearing from you,



++++++++++      ++++++++++

It’s a simple process, but it requires a little bit of discipline (not much…just 3-4 minutes per day, 4-5 days per week).

You NEED to take action each day. I find it takes me about 3-4 minutes per day, and at the end of each month I normally end up with a handful of EXTREMELY powerful links.

Side Note: This month I managed to get 11 of these types of links to my CDLTrainingHub.com website…that’s 11 links “obtained” out of about 35 that I contacted (success rates vary from niche to niche)!

I’ve been applying this process to one of my eCommerce sites recently, and the results have been astonishing. Check out how my rankings have improved from #48 on June 15th to Position #11 on July 12th:

How did I get such a rapid increase in my rankings?

By obtaining 6 high quality links using the Hit List strategy.

NOTE: To obtain these 6 high quality links, I contacted a total of 32 websites. In other words, I was unsuccessful 26 times. But the 6 links I did manage to obtain, are so powerful that they’ve made a BIG difference on my rankings!

The same method can be applied to YouTube.

YouTube Hit Lists

NOTE: If you’ve been following my tactics for some time, the following method is very similar to my YouTube Sniper method…

Check out the video below (click the icon in the bottom right corner to expand the video size):


Click Here to watch this video on YouTube

Video Timestamp:

0.14 – The “General Hit List” is the one that’ll make the biggest impact, so watch that video before this one
0.47 – Getting started using the “cdl training” search term on YouTube.com
1.15 – Not too worried about number of views or PR
1.40 – Start opening up multiple videos, especially videos that don’t look extremely professional
2.36 – Top ranked videos and videos with traffic (high views) are best, but these types of videos should be viewed as a “bonus”
2.55 – Check for the number of links in the description of the videos
3.40 – Adding good videos to the Hit List spreadsheet
4.43 – The types of videos most likely to give you a link are videos that don’t already have links in their descriptions
4.55 – A closer look at an ideal candidate – the type of video I normally have good success rates with
5.17 – Adding the “search term” to the Hit List spreadsheet
5.50 – How to make contact with video owners
6.17 – Choosing a good subject line for your contact message
6.44 – A closer look at the template message I use when I contact video owners
7.33 – Why offering a little cash can massively boost your success rate with this method
8.25 – A few more essential things you need to include in your contact email (website URL, contact details, how to do add your link, etc)
8.48 – Updating my Hit List spreadsheet
9.06 – A closer look at a video owner I contacted in the past, and the proposal he gave me…(and why I refused)
10.04 – An overview of the YouTube Hit List method
10.32 – Why I recommend you contact 1-2 website/video owners per day (no more than this)

Overview of the YouTube Hit List Strategy:

  1. Identify top ranked videos in your niche, by search YouTube using one of your target keywords.
  2. Identify videos that you stand a good chance of getting a link on, these will become the “Targets” on your Hit List.
  3. Add 10 targets to your Hit List spreadsheet
  4. Attempt to get a link on one of your “YouTube Hit List Targets” each day BEFORE you do anything else (I do it BEFORE checking emails etc)
  5. When you’ve reached the bottom of your Target list, re-populate your Hit List with new video Targets.

As you can see, the method I use for YouTube is very similar to the one I use for “Generic” websites.

Here’s the contact script I use when contacting YouTube video owners:


My name is __________, I’m a big fan of your videos – thanks for putting them together!

I’m also interested in NICHE NAME, and have a website where I give people advice about getting a NICHE, you can see my website here: http://xxxxxxxx.com

I wanted to ask if you’d mind putting a link to my website (http://xxxxxxxx.com) in your video description? I’m willing to pay you $50 for this (via PayPal).

Specifically, in this video: ____________________

You can easily add the link just by modifying the video description.

Once you’re logged into your YouTube account, go to the Video manager page, then click the “Edit” button next to the video you want to add a link to. You can then copy and past my link into your description and then click the Save button.

If you’re able to help me, please add the link then contact me (email@gmail.com) so I can thank you and pay you the $50, remember to give me your Paypal email address so I can pay you!



++++++++++      ++++++++++

Here are some tips to follow when looking for videos to target:

  • Look for videos that don’t look highly professional (it’s easier to get links on lower quality videos and hobby videos).
  • Look for videos that don’t have link in the description.
  • Look for videos that have lots of links in the description (if they already have lots of links, then chances are they’ll add one more to your website)
  • If you’re able to get a link on a video that’s had lots of views (high traffic), you’ll stand a good chance of getting traffic from the video.
  • Sometimes its possible to buy an entire YouTube channel…this can be a great way to get instant ownership of lots of videos (this is rare but it can happen…the video owner needs to be willing to give up their YouTube account which is often connected to a Gmail account).
  • Don’t worry about the PageRank (PR) of the videos – just try to get links on any video you can.
  • If you want to boost your success rate, offer to pay a small amount of money to the video owner if they add your link.

Should You Outsource It? Or Do It Yourself?

One thing I’ve found over the years is that it’s difficult to find link building outsourcing companies who work at the same level of quality as I do (or as my in-house staff).

If you’re running a small number of 3-4 websites, and you have plenty of spare time, then I definitely recommend that you do it all yourself…simply because you can guarantee the results and you know exactly where you’re at.

If you don’t have much spare time, or you’re running more than a few websites, you’ll NEED to outsource it.

The links you can obtain using the Hit List strategy are extremely powerful, and simply too good to ignore.

If you need to outsource, you essentially have 2 options available to you:

  1. Find a worked using Freelancer.com and train them to use the Hit List method
  2. Use an existing company, such as SEOBlueprint.org

Option 1, finding a worker on Freelancer.com will DEFINITELY be cheaper than using an existing company, but it’ll also be more time consuming. You’ll need to first train your worker, then micro-manage them to make sure they’re doing things correctly. You’ll also need to closely monitor results.

Option 1 is cheaper but more time consuming.

Option 2 is more expensive, but 100% hands-off. SEOBlueprint.org started integrating Hit Lists into their SEO plan a couple of weeks ago – their workers are already trained and already understand the system.

You need to choose what works best for you.

SEO Blueprint Disclaimer: I’ve been working as a consultant for SEO Blueprint for the past 5-6 months. I design the SEO plans they use and keep them up to date with changes to Google and new SEO opportunities. I earn a small commission on their orders. As far as link building plans are concerned, I KNOW SEO Blueprint have an extremely good one…because I designed it myself!

I STRONGLY recommend you dedicate some time/resources to implement the Hit List strategy each month – it’ll pay off big time when you get top rankings.

Squidoo Is DEAD!!!

Okay, perhaps that’s a big of an exaggeration. But nevertheless, Squidoo has been implementing a lot of changes recently, many of which make it harder for Squidoo lenses to get approved.

A couple of weeks ago I spent some time looking for alternatives to Squidoo…and I’ve found a BRAND NEW option that works as an extremely effective alternative.

I’m continuing to test it a little bit, but from what I’ve seen so far, it looks like it’ll be the perfect replacement (it even has a higher PR than Squidoo)…

Watch out for an email from me about the “new Squidoo” in about 2 weeks time…


One Last Thing…(for Gmail users only)

Please watch this short video…and please follow it’s recommendation:





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56 Comments so far:

  1. Craig Hart says:

    You’ve taken a topic that’s always daunted me, and given me a SIMPLE way to implement it! AWESOME POST! Thank you Aidan!!!

  2. Chris says:

    Wow, Aidan! As usual, you far overdeliver the information you share. Thanks for your hard work to make life easier for the rest of us – I use a similar strategy when contacting people for guest post opportunities … but never as streamlined and laser targeted as this.

  3. Melissa says:

    Aidan, as always, you give us the most useful information on how to keep our sites Google-relevant. Thanks for sharing this great post and information with us.

    Will start to apply…immediately!

  4. Anand says:

    This is very interesting post and resources Adian. Eagerly waiting alternates to Squidoo. In the meantime I applied sniper strategy with hubpages. Results yet to know.


  5. Chris says:

    Hi Aidan, thanks for giving us so much value for free. Some others would have charged $19.97 (!) for an ebook and video showing the same.

    I’m definitely going to employ this strategy and probably prefer the Freelancer route if I’m honest. The only thing I wouldn’t do, especially in light of Google’s updated recommendations on the types of links it likes, is pay for a directory link.

    According to the new rules, we are not supposed to pay for links (which is always our intention) and directory sites it seems have little significance as far as big G is concerned.

    I’d appreciate your thoughts on these points. Other than that, a great way to use free tools to analyze your competitor’s backlinks.

    Thanks again.

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for commenting. With regards to buying a directory link, if the directory is related to your niche, then I don’t have a problem with it. In the example, the directory had a page with lots or related links, so it made sense to add mine…

      Google does frown on buying links, but I wouldn’t expect any harm to come from this particular directory.

  6. Mike Moser says:

    Great stuff as usual. Really interested in the new Squiddo replacement as they don’t accept some niches anyway. Will the replacement be one of the “go to” sources in Page One Evolution?

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Mike, yes, the Squidoo lens replacement I’m testing will be able to simply replace Squidoo in the Page One Evolution plan (or any other SEO plan).

  7. Paul Warner says:

    This is some great stuff and I am very impressed. Extremely informative and well worth learning so I am guessing I will be on your blog quite a bit today. I have been getting emails from you for
    months now and I never made a folder under your name because I get so sick and tired of getting emails which eat up so much of my time, and that with me deleting and unsubscribing continually to try and get more time to do this myself. I am not looking for freebies as I have spent a lot of money on different programs, but unless I am making money dong this I don’t have money to buy stuff I should be buying to help grow my business, and I see I can really learn from you. So I will make a folder under your name, Aiden, and follow you a lot more closely, as I love over the shoulder stuff that I can learn and replay over and over until I have some of this stuff down. Thank you very much and this is really appreciated……Paul

    • Aidan says:

      Hey Paul, thanks for the feedback, and thanks for following along!! Like all internet marketers, I DO send out promotional emails from time to time, but the content I put here (and the emails related to AidanBooth.com) will also be promo-free 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

  8. jared says:

    Awesome videos. I’m strapped budget wise as i start working on my sites and ebooks, but i have been able to get a couple of links for free by emailing the youtube owners. excellent spreadsheet for keep track of all this information! Thanks

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Jared – the Hit List method is a GREAT one for people on tight budgets…no need to pay for articles or buy new domain names, all you have to do is ask people to give you a link 🙂

  9. Brian Sloan says:


    Great demo on this method. Thanks for all of your help this year. I would not be getting rankings had I not had the exposure to your teaching this past six months.

    Many thanks.

  10. Hi Aidan –

    Good stuff. I recognize this as a more streamlined approach to the Reverse Engineering you gave us. At least it seems more streamlined -although, to be honest I can’t articulate why that is.

    I’ve begun the process and have corresponded with 2 or 3 sites to get a link; and, have commented 2 or 3 more times. A couple have been posted directly without having to be approved.

    I had to review the video and realized my first stab at it didn’t include the samplings from Majestic and ahrefs.

    That realization broadened the field of potential sites to target -because all three resources (OpenSiteExplorer, Majestic, and ahrefs) all kick up different links (some are alike but there are a few unique links in the mix).

    Two things:
    Do you think a comment link is as valuable as a URL text link that we request of someone to place for us?

    Is there a danger of going too fast? I know you mentioned a few per month. I’m going full ahead -maybe I should let it rest a few days, eh?

    Thanks for the excellent post.

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Dave,

      Do you think a comment link is as valuable as a URL text link that we request of someone to place for us?

      I think it varies…if you got a comment link on an important website, it’d be better than a URL on a less important site. If you had the CHOICE between a URL link and a comment link (which uses your name, for example), I’d prefer the URL link (all else being equal).

      Is there a danger of going too fast? I know you mentioned a few per month. I’m going full ahead -maybe I should let it rest a few days, eh?

      I’d say that if you get to 10 links in a month, stop at that…no need to get carried away with it. I don’t think you’d do any real harm, but I think 10 would be a good number to aim for.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  11. Donna says:

    Thank you for always over delivering, for being clear and concise, and giving the exact information we need to keep moving forward. You really are the best of all the internet marketing trainers/programs that I have been a part of.

  12. Jonathan says:


    Thanks for this.

    Would you suggest running this ‘Hit List’ in unison with P1E guidelines as a supplement?

    I look forward to hearing about your suggestions to an alternative to Squidoo, as this formed part of your recommendations to P1E.



    • Aidan says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      Would you suggest running this ‘Hit List’ in unison with P1E guidelines as a supplement?

      Yes, I would. Adding it as a supplement will only strengthen the plan.

      I should have info about the Squidoo replacement ready for you here on AidanBooth.com in about 2 weeks 🙂

      • Jonathan says:


        I forgot to ask, you mentioned giving yourself 10 ‘Hits’ in the video for both the links and youtube links.

        Would that be 10 hits for each of the keywords you are targeting, if you are targeting more than one?

        And is this something you would run continuously while Google changes take place over time or just for a couple of months?


        • Aidan says:

          I’m not really targeting keywords for this Jonathan, just the homepage URL (or some other URL). For the CDL Training Hub website, I managed to get 11 links out of 35 that I attempted to get (not YouTube) – that’s 11 in total, all going to the homepage in this case.

  13. Des says:

    Aidan I loved it! Very, very useful.

    I have 2 websites in the same niche and I have done a lot of SEO work on one of them and very little on the other. The one I have done all the work on is just a few places in front of the other and I could not figure out why.

    I think you have just given me the reason, as the one I have not done anything with re content etc I have links on some other generic sites I built in the same niche. Must be this that is giving me the high ranking, good quality links!!

    I will be putting this into practice straight away.

    Thanks, Des.

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Des, I’m sure if you build a few Hit List links to one of your sites, it’s very quickly pull away from the other one…could be a good test!

  14. Linda says:

    As usual this great information Aidan. Thanks for this streamlined technique, making our back-linking job just that bit easier.

  15. Oleg says:

    Hi Aidan,

    Really great post! Thank you!
    Aidan, i have a question for you. I’m interesting to outsource some of my sites to that company that you’ve mentioned (seoblueprint.org). However, i’m quite concerned about them. I ask you this question because i trust you. However, their site looks not really trustworthy and here is why. Besides their sales pitch they don’t provide any information about the actual plan that they will follow (this is very important for me because so far i was ranking all my sites myself and i know very intimately what should be done and what’s not) you definitely understand this. Now, moreover, as a legit SEO company they must have at least any kind of contact information so i’ll be able to contact them. In fact, they have a contact form (which i found through Google search) where they have an invalid email address (it doesn’t work). Also, they don’t have any legal pages… Nothing! I would appreciate your input regarding these important, as i think, aspects.

    Thank you!

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Oleg,

      All good questions and fair concerns…let me work through them for you:

      Besides their sales pitch they don’t provide any information about the actual plan that they will follow

      Their plan is based around a small number of high quality links each month. They focus on a range of Web 2.0 links, Feeder site links, Articles, Press Releases, Social Signals etc. They don’t reveal their EXACT plan on the site, as it’d be easy for competitors to steal…the DO provide reports to their customers each month though. From memory, on the 10th of each month they send out a report with the exact places they built links etc.

      Now, moreover, as a legit SEO company they must have at least any kind of contact information so i’ll be able to contact them.

      Hmmm…I’m not sure why there’s not an email address….I’ll look into it. I know you can contact them at “projects@seoblueprint.org” if you have questions though. I don’t think they have a phone number.

      As I mentioned in the post…I actually work with SEO Blueprint to help them with their SEO Plans…I can assure you that they are a legitimate company!

      Thanks for asking these questions, I’m sure other people had similar concerns.

      • Oleg says:

        Thank you for fast reply Aidan!

        Well, i can assure you that they lose tons of customers because they don’t provide these essential info such as: legal pages, contact page, about page… as well as at least a little explanation about how and what they will be doing with potential clients; sites. I know that because, as i understand, their primary targeted audience is like me (small internet marketer and SEO company owner). People like me (and perhaps you) need to know, if not what exactly they do, but at least if they know what not to do. You, see what i’m saying? I think it is very important, at least for me, when trying to sell service like this.

        Another thing, i understand that it is a secret how and what exactly they do for ranking sites but if they provide detailed reports (as you said) i’ll know exactly what they do anyway 🙂 (i hope they include in their reports the live links that they built). Do they include this kind of information?

        As i said, i trust you Aidan and if you’re involved in helping them with their plan, i’m calm. However, can you explain me how they can afford to provide this kind of service (according to what they say it is very quality and professional service) so cheap?


        • Aidan says:

          Hi Oleg,

          YES, they provide exact reports…so yes, someone could essentially reverse engineer their plan, but it’d take months because the plan changes from month to month. It’s also dynamic…meaning that when we find a new SEO tactic that’s working well, we implement it, so the plan changes over time. On top of all this, they split test different plans on their own network of sites, and then roll out whatever is working best to the client sites…so they’re always improving the process.

          Can you explain me how they can afford to provide this kind of service (according to what they say it is very quality and professional service) so cheap?

          The cost is per website per month…some of the team are based in developing countries which probably helps them keep costs down.

          Hope this helps…If you have more specific questions, it’s probably best to contact SEO Blueprint using the email I gave you 🙂

          • Oleg says:

            Absolutely! I already sent them an email. Thank you Aidan! I’ll most likely try them out and i’ll be happy that you get a commission for that 🙂 So, from your words i understand that you actually consult them on consistent basis. Am i right? If yes, it is only an advantage for me 🙂 Hope to get a response from them soon so we can go ahead and start working.

          • Aidan says:

            Hi Oleg,

            Yes, I monitor their results (the average gains of their clients sites) and also help them with their testing. We meet a couple of times per month 🙂 Hope it goes well for you!

          • Oleg says:

            Yes, it is! Hope they’re gonna respond my email.

          • Mark says:

            Hey Oleg,

            I would be interested in the link building SEO Blueprint do for you. Nothing specific just if you are happy with their work. Let us know would be great!

  16. Nick says:

    Hey Aidan, thanks a bunch for all your information.

    I wanted to run a question past you who buying feeder sites.

    When we run a URL through majestic seo and we get good information, but when we run it through google with site:keyword.com, it shows the domain, but it’s says under the domain

    A description for this result is not available because of this site’s robots.txt – learn more.

    Is this a bad thing to see in a feeder site or doesn’t really matter since it shows up in google anyway?

    Hope that makes sense.

    Thanks again.

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Nick,

      It could mean that the robots.txt file is blocking the Google robots that index your site/feeder site, that’d be the first thing to check. For this method, you won’t really need to do a search in Google using “site:websitename.com” for this method though…unless you’re modifying it in some way.

  17. Nate says:


    I have 6 sites built that I am rotating SEO on throughout the week. Do you think it’s a good idea to streamline things and use mostly the hit list methods and cease concern about the second tier SEO link building? Or should we do these methods as well as follow your SEO recommendations from POE?

    I can do everything, but the idea of streamlining the process appeals to me because I feel like my quality and overall value for the user would be better if I had fewer bases to cover.


    • Aidan says:

      Hi Nate,

      If you have time, the very best thing to do would be to follow the POE guide and add in the Hit List method as well, that’d definitely be the most effective. If time is an issue though, I’d rather you just focus on the Hit List method (it’s very very effective).

  18. Kai says:


    Great stuff as usual! Thank you for giving me a heads up on this during the strategy session. It seems so simple, straight-forward and effective, I don’t know why I wasn’t doing this from the beginning.

    What I’m finding out the best thing about this, isn’t that it’s some special link-building technique, but that it encourages a routine to get things done everyday. Your simple procedures with documentation, motivates to chip away at the task and making it no big deal and not so scary. It really helps out someone like me who most days would run around without focus, confidence and not getting anything done.

    Since then, I’ve been doing this everyday, building at least 5 links daily. It feels good! Like I’m accomplishing something. Sure, many of the links might be the piddly, no-follow, blog commenting variety but I think these are very effective at supporting all the tiered links (and money sites) that we’ve been working on.

    I can’t say for certain that doing this has instantaneous effects, because rankings tend to jump around for newer sites, but I had a main keyword jump two pages up the next day just from a few minutes of work.

    Anyway, thanks dude!


    • Aidan says:

      Hey Kai, great to hear you’re implementing this!!! Like you say, it’s so simple, the biggest challenge is self-discipline! Let me know how you get on 🙂

  19. Penny says:

    Hey Aidan: Can you tell me the difference between shared IP hosting and ( i guess its called) “dedicated” IP hosting. Does it make a difference in Rankings of a website and can I get dedicated hosting from a host provider such as Bluehost or Hostgator and at a reasonable cost?

    Thanks , Penny

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Penny, great question 🙂

      Shared hosting means you’re basically sharing a big hosting service (server) with other website owners. Dedicated hosting means you get your own server, which can mean faster loading of your website.

      A shared server is fine 99% of the time, the only time you really need a dedicated server is if you have massive amounts of visitors to your website. HostGator have had a few issues lately, but I still recommend them over BlueHost…the Host Gator Baby Plan is fine.

      Let me know if you’re unsure of anything else here…

  20. Nick says:

    Hi Aidan –

    Thanks for all the value.

    Curious with ranking. It seems like with google, some keywords aren’t even in the top 100, where as in yahoo and bing with that seem keyword, I show up in top 10.

    I guess i’m asking does yahoo and bing give a decent amount of traffic/income, or should the goal still be to put work in to get ranked in google?

    Also, with Google’s ranking. One day i’m ranking, say within the first say 30 spots, but next day it’s not even within the top 100. Is this a typical ‘google dance?’ And if so, is it me maybe being too overly optimized, or is it just how things typically go with SEO?

    Thanks again.


    • Aidan says:

      Hi Nick,

      Yahoo and Bing can provide great traffic, but it really depends on the keyword…every keyword is different. As for your Google ranking changes, it sounds like Google is still trying to decide where to rank your site, I recommend you spend some time to build some more quality links, that’ll most likely see you improve your rankings.

  21. Mark says:

    Hi Aidan

    Do you think that your hit list method would have much success in getting links to inner pages? I imagine it would be more likely for someone to agree to a home page link rather than a long internal page URL.

    I don’t really heed to rank my homepage but have lots of internal pages to rank.

    Great info.



    • Aidan says:

      Hi Mark,

      Yes, it definitely works for inner pages.

      Keep in mind that a link to the homepage will also give a big boost to your entire site…all your inner pages.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  22. Philip says:


    I would like to use Seoblueprint.org, would it be possible to know how many keywords you can work on?

    I do agree with people above, the website should have way more ”professional” info.



    • Aidan says:

      Hi Philip, they target 3 keywords per project…but in reality, it’s more “generic”…by focusing globally, you’ll get better rankings for more keywords.

  23. Nick says:

    Hi Aidan –

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Curious if you’ve ever encountered and know what to do when your google account account gets suspended.

    I found out it got suspended Aug 1st for unknown reasons.

    Is it as simple as signing up again, or once you’re suspended, that’s pretty much it for google adsense.

    Thanks again.l


    • Aidan says:

      Hi Nick,

      Are you talking about an Adwords account? If so, there’s not much you can do…it’s never happened to me with a Gmail account though…

  24. Nick says:

    Hi Aidan –

    My adsense account had gotten suspended. I have adsense on 2 affiliate sites and was sent an email that my account had been disabled.

    Any advice around this? Would applying for a new Adsnese account say under my sisters name who lives in another city help to get a new adsense account?


    • Aidan says:

      Hi Nick,

      Firstly, once a site has had an Adsense ban associated with it, I wouldn’t recommend putting any adsense back on the site, as this will get the new account banned as well…I’d recommend you look at other monetization options. Most sites have several options available…

  25. Steve says:


    Thanks for the awesomely informative video. Now that I have seen this video I have a much greater appreciation for the power of Crowd Force. It looks like this is what Crowd Force does as it finds the locations to add a link.


  26. Michelle says:

    Thanks for sharing this great information! 🙂

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