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If I Had To Start From Scratch (my plan)

Hi, and welcome to the 25th monthly update to AidanBooth.com!

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Since April 1st 2012, I’ve added a new blog post to AidanBooth.com every single month without fail.

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Let’s begin…

Today I promised I’d write about what I’d do if I had to start from scratch

And I will, in just a second…

But first, watch this short video that REVEALS my wife’s Kindle profits in April (4 mins long):


I’ll talk more about the results shown in that video as we work down the page… congratulations to April Alexander, you’ve won $100 cash 🙂

One last thing before I get into the “meat” of this post… I’d like to give you a couple of updates (good and bad) about things that’ve happened in the past month…

  • I bought the domain “AskAidan.com”. It cost more than I’d hoped (you can check out my Facebook page to find out the exact amount…), but I think it’s going to be a GREAT addition to what I’m doing here on AidanBooth.com. Expect to hear more about that soon (it’s a good idea to “LIKE” my Facebook page so you ensure you get updates about these things).
  • We’ve settled in Paris and are LOVING it here… I’ve shared photos on my Facebook page (our apartment is AMAZING, we’re on the top floor of a traditional French building…we’ve got a view of the Eiffel tower and see stunning sunsets almost every night).
  • Tim, Steve and I FINISHED development on a couple of key software tools. One for identifying Amazon product opportunities (for White Label products), and one custom-built Kindle formatting tool (more on this later, you’ll love this one).
  • One of my wife’s Kindle books was plagiarized… copied entirely, and given away for free on DocMe.ru… This was a real kick in the teeth, because Amazon was all over us, and actually REMOVED the book from the KDP select program for a few days (because it was no longer ‘exclusive’ to Amazon). The good news is that we eventually managed to get the plagiarized content remove from the site…
These things happen…
In my experience, online marketing is often a case of “two steps forward, one step backwards”. Things very rarely unfold exactly as planned, and this was a classic case of that.
We’re stronger for the experience.
Moving on… let’s talk about:

I think (*hope*) you’ll enjoy this…

To make this more realistic, I’m going to add in a few hurdles…

  1. Lets assume that I’ve got $200 of capital available to invest
  2. That I have a full time job, which leaves me with a maximum of 12 hours/week to spend on my internet business
  3. This HAS to work… failure is not an option (rent needs to be paid, I’m in a situation of desperation)
  4. I NEED to see money coming in within 30 days (or my motivation will die and I’ll give up).

Note: This plan is specifically for people who don’t have a lot to invest, but want to build a $5,000/month business (and then scale that). If you had $5,000 or more to invest, I’d recommend doing something a little different.

The cool thing about writing this post, is that I’ve kind of been through this thought process already.

When I merged my business with Tim and Steve late last year, my wife’s role changed somewhat.

Carolina (my wife) used to run all our eCommerce stores and do all the accounting and planning, but when we merged with Tim and Steve, they already had a team in place to take care of eCommerce, and also a full time accountant…

So we decided it’d be best to focus Carolina’s energy on building a new income stream, from scratch…and so because of this, I’ve already thought long and hard about what I’d do if I had to start over from scratch, because in a way, that’s exactly what we’ve doing.

For this example, we’ll assume that there’s NO room for failure… the plan has GOT to work, or we’re out on the street.
It’s amazing how well you can work, and how clear things become when you’re in a “survival” situation…and that’s the best way to be when starting an online business.
So with that in mind, I’d start doing something that’s built around authority.
A serious project.
Something valuable.

Something that can grow into a big business.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last 9 years, it’s that TRUE AUTHORITY NEVER FAILS online.

The other thing that I’ve learned over and over again online, is that the money is in the list.
Regardless of the niche, a list of email subscribers is absolutely critical, and an easy way to dramatically boost income.
So, an easy way to build a list is something that MUST be included in any “start over” plan.
The other thing I’ve learned in the last 9 years, is that things will inevitably change.

  • Google slaps websites into oblivion.
  • Facebook changes their advertising rules.
  • Affiliate programs shut down.
  • Pay per click becomes less profitable.
  • The FTC ban Amazon affiliates in certain states.

And worst of all, everything I’ve listed above happens WITHOUT prior notification, and even if they kill your business, you can forget about an apology.

It’s dog eat dog.

No-one gives a damn about your business, except YOU (Google and Facebook certainly don’t).

Working in such a dynamic industry means things will change, and the ONLY way you can protect yourself is by creating something that’s good quality, and something that’s DIVERSIFIED.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Focus on just 1-2 niches…
This took me quite a while to learn… and I STILL battle with it every day.
I want to do everything. I want more. I want a piece of every pie…
It’s not greed.
It’s the entrepreneurial spirit.

And it weigh down pretty much ever entrepreneur that I know.

It’s hard to say “no” to a good idea…but you NEED to.

If you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know that at one point I had over 1000 Halloween websites, over 500 Christmas websites, and over 30 Authority sites… it’s TOO much and it’s not sustainable to manage all that as a ‘one-man-band’ (or a small team for that matter).

What if I’d put all the time, effort and money that I invested in those 1500+ websites, into 5-6 industry LEADING websites?

It would have been a smarter decision in the long term.

So the other thing I’d consider if I was about to start over, would be to identify just a couple of niches that have lots of room for growth, and I’d get into them.

I’d become a laser-focused authority in just 1-2 niches.

The other thing that I’d need, and this is for motivational purposes more than anything else, is to get some money coming in as quickly as possible.
“Get rich quick” is a cliche… but seeing some rapid results is pretty important.
Instant gratification.
So that’s got to be one of the focuses as well.
We’ve worked out the following:

  • Need to focus on a serious project, something that is valuable to people
  • Need to start building an email list
  • Need to diversify in order to protect ourselves
  • Need to stay focused on fewer projects

And on top of all this…

  • We’ve got a maximum of $200 to invest
  • We’ve got a maximum of 12 hours per week to spend on this
  • Failure is NOT an option
  • Need to see some income QUICKLY…within the next 30 days

Quite a tall order!

And that’s why it took me quite a while to formulate all this in my mind when I was working with my wife on our very own “start over” plan.

But here’s the good news…

In fact, my wife has PROVEN the case, as she’s built a $2,000/month income in 4 short months.

If you’ve been following my Facebook page, then you’ll already know about her Kindle income (which is only one part of it)…

Let’s now fast-forward a few months and look at what the ultimate “end-goal” is for the Start Over plan. It’d look something like this:

Don’t be overwhelmed by this, it won’t happen overnight…the diagram above is a long-term look at how you’d build out the system.
Month 1 is MUCH simpler, in fact it’s stuff you’d be able to do in about 20-24 hours at the most (so with 5-6 hours per week, you’d be fine).
Here’s a look at what I’d do in month one…
I call Month 1 “Getting a Foothold”, because it’s when you first start to get some traction in a niche…
You position yourself against the marketplace in such a way that you’re guaranteed to gain traction.
If everyone else is “Zigging”, then you “Zag”.
It’s a basic concept, but NO-ONE does it…and it’s extremely powerful and almost guarantees getting noticed.
In Month 1 you need to plan out a series of publications (I use the word ‘publication’, because it isn’t necessarily limited to a Kindle book, more on this later), but you only actually launch one (two at the most).

You also set up the foundations of the email marketing leg of your business…this is actually extremely easy, can be done 100% free, and normally takes about 1 hour to do (2 hours maximum). Once it’s set up, you’ll automatically start getting valuable subscribers (who you’ll be able to sell to later).

A conservative estimate for earnings in Month 1 is $150 – $400, and you’re looking at about 6-7 hours per week in total.

Let’s move on to Month 2…

Here’s how things would evolve in Month 2:

Month 2 is about strengthening the base, and you do that in a number of ways, all of which add more income to your system.

Strengthening – Part 1: Review System

The first way to strengthen the base is to get a review system in place. This is easy to set up, and it hooks in perfectly with Aweber (or any other email marketing platform).

The “Review System” will be your “go-to source” for reviews. It’s also how you’ll start to grow a relation ship with your audience… and the BEST thing of all is that your Review System will work on auto-pilot behind the scenes… more on how this works later.

Using a couple of ninja tools, it’ll take you about 3-4 hours to set up and automate your review funnel (more on these tools later).

Strengthening – Part 2: Authority Site

The second way you’ll strengthen your system is by setting up an Authority Site.

Before you jump to conclusions, this is NOT a big site with lots of pages… it can literally be a 2-3 page “Place-Holder” website.

You’ll have either a “Coming Soon” page on your homepage, or a simple slider that showcases your existing products. Whichever option you take, you’re beginning to build your brand.

You’ll need about 4-5 hours to get the basics of your website set up.

Strengthening – Part 3: Facebook Page

The third way that you’ll strengthen your system is by adding a Facebook page.

It’s absolutely fine if you’re not making updates to your page at this stage, the goal is just to get things in place so that in Month 3, you’re ready to start using the page.

Your Facebook page is another way to build your brand, and will become a key part of your system once everything else is up and running.

Setting up a Facebook page is dead easy and it takes about 1 hour, 2 at the very most.

Strengthening – Part 4: New Publication

The fourth way you’re going to strengthen your system in Month 2, is by launching a new publication. You would have done the planning for this in Month 1, so most of the hard work will already be done.

A conservative income estimate for Month 2 is $500 – $1,000, and your total system income would now be between $750 – $1,400.

Let’s move on to Month 3.

Here’s what you’ll have at the end of Month 3:

Month 3 is when you start focusing on adding valuable leads into your funnel.
This will happen in a number of ways:
Lead Generation Tactic #1: Facebook
Your growing presence on Facebook, coupled with a $5/day advertising budget, will see about 10 new leads enter your email marketing system each day.
Lead Generation Tactic #2: Authority Site
You Authority Site will be further developed now and it’ll be showcasing at least 2-3 publications.

These publications will be driving repeat visitors to your site, and your site will now be adding a minimum of 5 subscribers per day to your funnel.

Lead Generation Tactic #3: Publications

Your publications would have been adding leads to your funnel for over two months now, and you’ll be getting new leads at a rate of a minimum of 5 per day.

In total, you’ll now have a minimum of 20 leads entering your funnel every single day…that’s 600 leads each month, all entering your funnel on complete autopilot.

Now, the leads your getting will have a monthly value of at LEAST $1.50 each (this is based on my experience and what I’ve seen in a range of niches)… so at a bare minimum, you’ll now be able to leverage these 600 leads for $900 of additional income per month.

In total, you should expect to be earning between $1,500 – $3,000 in your third month…this assumes you’re building just one system and that you’ve been working about 10 hours per week on average.

If you’re building a second system in parallel with your first system, then you’ll be looking at double this income, but also double the workload (very doable for the right person).

From Month 4 to 6, the best thing to do would be to focus on further developing the system by working on things such as:

  • Strategically adding content to your Authority Site
  • Releasing more publications (mainly books, but also audio guides etc)
  • Expanding to 1000+ Facebook Fans (this will happen all by itself)
  • When it makes sense, translating your products into other languages
  • Expanding your funnel by using more pre-programed ‘follow ups’
  • And split testing EVERYTHING (visualwebsiteoptimizer.com makes this easy)

And by the time you hit the 6 month mark, you could realistically be sitting on a small goldmine… it’s VERY conceivable that you could have a $5,000/month hands-off passive income stream by this point.

And everything I’ve shown you here is what my wife has done in the past few months…

Here are a series of screenshots from my Facebook Page:

As you can see, sales keep jumping each month…

  • 148 in January
  • 204 in February
  • 357 in March
  • 418 in April
These numbers are ONLY sales in Amazon.com… As explained in the video shown earlier on this page, the total number of sales in April was 596, which is OVER $1300 in profit (and this doesn’t include anything else in the system… it’s ONLY Kindle sales)

Remember, Kindle is just the tip of the iceberg…that’s how my wife got her “foothold” in her marketplace… the real power (and money) is automated on the back-end.

The real secret to my wife’s success is actually a combination of two things…

  1. The system above
  2. Melissa Contreras

Melissa is a past student of mine, who has now partnered with me on several projects.

And when it comes to Kindle marketing (and Kindle strategizing in general), Melissa is LIGHTYEARS ahead of pretty much anyone I’ve ever met…

In fact, without Melissa, I can guarantee my wife’s book sales wouldn’t have grown so much every single month…

Melissa has been advising us on the right Kindle strategy to use, and the tactics to keep sales growing.

Note: You might remember Melissa from a blog post on AidanBooth.com in March 2013 titled “How to Get 414 Top 20 Rankings”, you can check that out here: https://aidanbooth.com/how-to-get-414-top-20-rankings/

As I mentioned above… Melissa is a genius when it comes to Kindle marketing, which is a key component of the system I’ve explained here today…

She’s been through EVERY training course out there, and her knowledge has surpassed that of pretty much every “Kindle Guru” I know…

In fact, not long ago Melissa unleashed a new system (book + website + email marketing), and earned an impressive $1,589 from it in under 57 days

There’s more to this than meets the eye…

If you’d like to get a report from Melissa revealing exactly what she did, the timeline she used, her secret “link” (it’s a plugin) between her books and her email lists, enter your name and email address below.

Next week we’ll send you a report and information about the plugin Melissa uses – no strings attached.

What do you think?

Leave me feedback below!

I really appreciate getting your feedback, and I read all the comments.

Every single comment gets approved (good or bad), and it’s also your chance to ask me questions and get a direct answer from me…

Thanks for visiting, thanks for your ongoing support, and I’ll see you next time!



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59 Comments so far:

  1. Rob Cole says:

    Awesome stuff. Thanks Aidan.

  2. Jared Beal says:

    Great post Aidan, very easy to follow with the month by month diagrams. At 55 years old, I find it easy to get ‘lost’ in all the text, but your diagrams here are easy to understand, and I can imagine myself doing it. I can’t wait to hear more about this.

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Jared, thanks for commenting. Good to know you found those diagrams useful – I’ll use them again in the future for this kind of thing!

  3. Kris says:

    Congratulations to April! I WILL win next month! Lookin forward to hearin more from Melissa soon

  4. Julia says:

    Thanks Aidan. I can tell you put a lot of thought behind this. The diagrams are fantastic.
    I have always been drawn to you, Steve and Tim because your honesty and transparency.

    This is awesome and something to definitely implement.


  5. Lukas says:

    Great post, Aidan! I’m following you about half year now and actually do what you are saying. It sounds easy, but I still can’t get to at least couple hundreds of dollars a month.:/ Even if I am using Crowdforce, I am not able to generate enough traffic to my websites. It works, but waaaay to slow.:)
    Anyway, yesterday I published my first Kindle ebook, and couple hours ago free promotion launched and I got already 10 downloads, so it looks promissing.:)
    I am sure this year I’ll finally reach my goal.:) Thanks for all the info you are sharing with us!

    • Aidan says:

      Congrats on your first book Lukas, and I’m sure that as long as you stay focused, you WILL reach your financial goal.. just keep going, keep pushing forward, stay motivated. It WILL happen (there are a lot of people succeeding online who know a tiny fraction of what you know, so if that can do it, you CERTAINLY can!).

  6. Michelle says:

    Thanks for this, completely agree with Julia, the diagrams are a BIG help and I can totally imagine myself pulling this off as you’ve laid it out!!!

  7. Shannon says:

    Fantastic info Aidan. I can see myself using a lot of this valuable info. The diagram helps to see the big picture. Good stuff!

  8. Paul Warner says:

    I think the information here is good and useful, although I think laying all your eggs in one or two niches with increasing amounts of work to get them to produce a certain amount of income by the third month is very risky, although with your experience and money on hand to make them go not a big risk for you now, but under the circumstances as expressed in your article yes risky. I actually do like the idea of having many sites because I feel there is safety in numbers. It would probably be great to one day get the story as to you building all these sites and your experience in doing your marketing that way.
    One thing I do have a problem with through all this is your continual mentioning of going to Facebook to get this or that information. I don’t like the idea that if I am to get information as to what you are doing, or if there is information to get I can read it on Facebook, or anything that suggests that I have to comply in a certain way, which is going to Facebook, for me to benefit from Aiden Booth. It is bad enough going through this with Google but to have marketers try and force me to behave in a certain way, as though we are little sheep I find disturbing. First of all it’s extra steps and time consumed that is irritating, but it is also an attitude that you’re the only game in town and that I have all kinds of time to follow your every move. It would be great if things were that way, it certainly would resolve the information and email overloads, but unfortunately it is not, and at this point you’re just another name in the shuffle of names that I have to go through every day, and this is not to say that I don’t enjoy and learn from the information you provide, I do, but the directions to go, the products to use, the methods in doing things, all the dos and don’t, the how to use social sites are all overwhelming, so an added step and more time consumed is steps I am not fond of presently. Paul

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for taking the time to give me feedback, I appreciate it.

      I fully respect your point of view about spreading into multiple niches… it’s slightly different to mine, and I see your view as more risky, but that’s just my opinion – I’m the first to admit that I don’t have all the answers 🙂

      As for my continued recommendation to follow me on Facebook, I do that deliberately. I don’t want to email people every day with little updates, but I’ve got no issue doing that on Facebook as it’s not as intrusive… in saying this, I know FB isn’t for everyone. You certainly don’t have to follow me on Facebook, but I do think that the people who follow me there will inevitably get more value.

      In any case, I hope you find this website useful, if for nothing else, then a different point of view. Thanks again for commenting, and feel free to reply to this if you’ve got more to add – I’m happy to have you here!

  9. Vivian says:

    Wow, this is an awesome diagram. I have downloaded and will print and place around my desk – as a reminder that planning does work.

    Congrats to you and your wife. Good job.

    (still using CrowdForce – and stlll loving it).

    Let’s not give up – all. I believe Aidan that this can be done 🙂


    • Aidan says:

      Hey Vivian, glad you’re loving CrowdForce!

      • Ed says:

        Hi Aidan
        Where can I buy crowdforce? Thank you

        • Aidan says:

          Hi Ed, the only way to get Crowd Force is by being part of our monthly membership (Blueprint Pro+), which is currently closed. Send me a private message via my Facebook page if you’re interested in signing up, and I’ll see if we can do it manually (no promises, just depends on how many active members we have).

  10. Erik says:

    Never done anything with Kindle books – what’s the best place to start? Writing an actual “book” just sounds overwhelming…

    • Aidan says:

      Will get you more info next week Erik. It’s not overwhelming at all really…more details coming soon (it’s too long winded to give much info in a comment).

  11. Johnathan says:

    Hey Aidan, Glad to see your enjoying Paris. I have launched 3 kindle books as per your 97 dollars a day and kindle profit plan from blueprint pro+. Could you elaborate how the publication generates you leads? right now I’m sitting on about plus or minus 90 dollars on my first month from 3 books. Im always amazed at the incredible value you and steve always offer. I used to have dropship model ecomm sites back using niche blueprint and got slapped by penguin and panda. Gave up for a few years and now I’m in this same boat starting over on a 1000 budget and dream. Any help you could offer would be appreciated.

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Johnathan,

      If you can wait till next Friday, Melissa will be releasing a report that contains lots of info about the lead generation from Kindle books… but essentially, it’s about giving people a reason to give you their email, and sending them to a well optimized squeeze page. Works incredible well, and helps massively with reviews (and future sales).

      Thanks for the feedback, and congrats on getting started with Kindle using that report 🙂

  12. Chris says:

    That was an absolutely great post Aidan! I get the macro picture but I’m getting lost on the details.
    I have four kindle books that I’ve just gotten out in the last few weeks but I’m struggling with the
    marketing part and thus, very little sales. I’m truly hoping you will be getting into more of the details
    and I really look forward to that!!

    • Aidan says:

      Great Chris 🙂 We’ll have more details released to you about how we do more of the “finer details” soon 🙂

  13. Donna says:

    As aways, straight and to the point..no fluff, and that is why I listen to you! Looking forward to more.

  14. Marina says:

    Hi Aidan,

    Plagiarism is a HUGE problem that many authors have! I checked the website you mentioned and they have even the whole 522 pages Russian version of the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki for free… This is just insane and this is just one website like this….

    It would be great if you could share your experiences on how did you find out that your wife’s book was published there, what steps did you take to remove your plagiarized content, how long did it take and some tips how to protect published content.

    Is there any way to monitor if your content was re-published somewhere else?

    I saw on some websites that they use something (a plug-in ???) that prevents copying the content from their website. Do you know what it is?


    • Aidan says:

      Hi Marina, yeah… it’s a frustrating issue for sure.

      I’ll get the info to you about how we got the plagiarised content removed – I’ve got screenshots of the emails I sent etc, so I’ll make sure you get that. Basically I just contacted every possible person I could, and threatened legal action.

      I don’t worry about monitoring content, but it’s something that probably is worth looking into. I’ve had MASSIVE issues with pirated content and illegal sharing of my content over the years.

      Not sure what the plugin is, but I’ll look into it 🙂

  15. I have a question.

    I can see that by the end of those three months you’re aiming to have 20 new e-mail subscribers per day (quite impressive). However, the process of getting new e-mail subscribers begins in month one, with the eventual goal of getting 20/per day.

    My question is, how many per day should we be trying to get in month one? How fast should it be going (approximately) by the end of month one?
    And, if I’m reading this correctly, for the first two months our list is being built entirely off of our publications such as articles and Kindle books?

    Anyways, it looks like a neat system. I look forward to your response.
    Thank you!

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Adrian,

      In month one, I’d be satisfied with a rate of 5-10 leads per day by the end of the month. And in month two, you’d grow this more.

      The first two months would be entirely leads from publications, so it’s quite important that you get the right kind of niche that lends itself to that. These numbers are based entirely on what Carolina has been able to do.

      Hope this helps!

      By the way, we look forward to catching up with you at the NYC Mastermind in a month!

  16. Ahmed says:

    Hi aidan.

    I hear you do e commerce sites, I have made one now and was wondering if you had any tips on that.. in terms of marketing and such.

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Ahmed,

      For eCom, like everything else, it really comes down to two things:

      1. Getting the right niche/product
      2. Driving traffic
      3. Converting

      Part 1 is normally easy… it’s easy to work out what’s working and what’s not. Part 2 can be more tough, but tools like Crowd Force can help, OR just manually building traffic generating links to your site. For part 3, it’s about using the right template, something like Shopify is a good option.

  17. Hans says:

    Great post Aidan. I enjoyed it much. Especially the end goal looks very interesting.

    Maybe a new product is under way?

  18. paul says:

    Great work aiden a lot of testing and info provided in there its a great way to build a business. we sat at the mastermind group dinner table together in austin and talked about this kind of thing and how easy it was to scale once you got that strategy in place its a fantastic example you give here of just that. not dissimilar to an amazon business selling physical products. This is exactly the kind of info people need when starting out at the ground level so its good to see you giving that here as too many people dismiss the start up stuff.

    • Aidan says:

      Hey Paul, was great to meet you in Austin 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback buddy, I hope your Amazon business is coming along well!

  19. Vee says:

    Hi Aidan as usually you are a machine. Always inspired by your simple but effective ways to generate an income online. Looking forward to more from you next month.

  20. Linda says:

    I sure thought of moving into Kindle publishing but somehow didn’t get around it, so now feel inspired by your wife’s success.
    Fantastic information as usual Aidan.Thanks for the inspiring monthly posts.

    • Aidan says:

      Hi Linda,

      Kindle can certainly earn you decent income, but I wouldn’t recommend you do JUST Kindle… with the system that my wife has been using, and the one shown in this blog post, Kindle is only really the tip of the iceberg. I’ll have more info about it for you soon 🙂

  21. Simon says:

    Subscribed , two different email addresses.

    Nothing in either inbox .

    Just a heads up.

  22. Duane says:

    Hi Aidan,
    I am in that part of life I need to start 100% over and am happy to find this post. You mentioned if one had more money to invest initially you would recommend something different, do you mind if I contact you to talk more about that and about an authority niche I am thinking of?

  23. Jude says:

    Hi, Aidan…

    I have started several online businesses and failed at each one. Not for lack of trying I have to say. Not sure what my problem is but I would dearly love to have something where I could get my hands on the correct niche (could be the problem), and something I could understand, you know, plain English and not a lot of computer-speak. For instance, I did not understand very much of your diagram. Am I just too dumb? If this is not the course for simple-minded me, do let me know now.


    • Aidan says:

      Hi Jude,

      I don’t think you’re too dumb at all… I think people just learn in different ways. Some learn with images, some learn by watching videos, some by reading text, some through more intensive coaching…it’s different for everyone.

      I’ll be sharing more info about the system (to the people who registered using the signup box) later this week, hopefully that’ll address some of your questions.

  24. Bob S says:

    Thanks Aidan!
    This is a timely post, since it was just where I was headed.

    If I follow you now, there are three important tasks to do this first month:
    1. Select a niche
    2. Plan and create the first of a series of publications based on that niche
    3. Set up the first-level email infrastructure.

    Task 3 is the easiest, since it is templated. It obviously depends on steps 1 and 2 for the details.

    Task 2 is important and is the largest proportion of the work for the month. There is also a lot of strategy and planning needed.
    The problem I see is knowing whether and when you have a viable strategy.

    Task 1 is the key for follow-on success. Selecting a proper niche affects the level of competition and potential success. My experience is that this is actually quite difficult.
    Because it’s so easy to name, it’s also the hardest to define. Sort of like “Find your soul-mate.” It’s too easy to gloss over this, and I’d like you to expound on it.

    I’m interested in your “zig” rather than “zag” comment. That seems to be a whole other essay in itself.

    Looking forward to more insights.

    • Aidan says:

      Hey Bob,

      Thanks a lot for the feedback, and you’ve done a great job nailing the initial 3 steps. More info coming soon!

  25. mark gooch says:

    whats meant by the review system in place ?

    • Aidan says:

      It’s just a system I use to help get more reviews… I have a process in place that automates follow-up with buyers 🙂

  26. johan says:

    Aidan, do you have any software recommendation related to link building , to support the page one revolution course?

    • Aidan says:

      Hey John, what we use is Crowd Force!! Unfortunately the only way to get it is by being part of Blueprint PRO members area… I’m not really using any other software at this time…

  27. Ed says:

    Hi Aidan
    I bought the Inbox Blueprint from your bonus link after the webinar. Where do I get the bonus you offered, especially the kindle bonus? I was told in the webinar I would get sent it. I have sent an email to blueprint central support but to no avail, please help! thank you

  28. David Dempsey says:

    It may have something to do with changing away from Aweber, but I couldn’t sign up to the offer for FunnelizerPRO and the report. I’d like a start from scratch plan. I am juggling too many offers, like you were.

    Any suggestions for simple funnel implementation tools? I have Funnelytics and am considering FunnelsKit

    • Aidan says:

      Hi David, I’m sorry about this. We need to update this sign-up process, I’ve added it to my list and we’ll do it ASAP!

  29. Andrea Bindi says:

    This is truly magnetic. I had always ignored Kindle but after reading this, I think I’ll be sliding in anytime.With this plan one needs to only dedicate themselves to focus and consistency and I am convinced with proper coordination this can explode into crazy sustainable income and the model can be used in other marketing niches too. Cheers and thank you for the value.

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