Watch Me Unlock A Virtual Goldmine In UNDER 20 Minutes
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Watch Me Unlock A Virtual Goldmine In UNDER 20 Minutes

Hello, and welcome to the April update from

This month is all about ChatGPT, and in the video below I show you how, in under 20 minutes, you can lay the foundations to a potentially HUGE new income stream. Watch me use AI to perform keyword research, niche validation, domain name research and selection, content creation and much more!

Here are the ChatGPT prompts I used in the video:

Niche Research:

I want you to pretend you are a marketing expert, and give me a list of 10 niche markets that naturally attract a passionate audience, either because the audience is trying to solve a big problem, or because the audience is very enthusiastic about the niche.

Niche Validation:

For each niche you have listed above, give me an example of five products that are traditionally hot sellers in the niche, and an estimate sell price for each. I do not need a long explanation of each product, I only need a list of the products, and estimate sale prices for each.

Keyword Research:

I need to come up with a list of 20 topics I can write about in the [XXXXXX] niche. 5 of the topics should be about physical products in the niche that people like to buy, for example [XXXXX], and the other 15 topics should be topics of interest that would provide a lot more value to anyone interested in the niche. Please list them out, with the 5 topics focusing on physical products first, followed by the other 15 topics. I don’t need any explanation, only a simple list.

Domain Name:

Now help me come up with a domain name for the [XXXX] niche, but giving me a list of 20 example names. The names should combine words that represent the niche, and have fewer than 15 characters in length (not including the ‘.com’). The word could be an invented word, based on the core niche word which is [XXXX], or a combination of words in the niche.


Write a 500 word article for me about [TOPIC]. The article should be written in first person, and as informative as possible with a brief overview initially, to explain to the reader what they will learn about in the article, and then a deeper dive into the details of the topic.

What next?

  • Fleshing out of the articles
  • More focus on keywords, making sure we have the right keywords targeted
  • Inserting affiliate links to Amazon products
  • Inserting links to other authority websites in the niche
  • Logos, images, more
  • About page, privacy page, etc

In other news, I’ve published a number of new podcast episodes over the past month, you can see them at, or on YouTube here:

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Thanks for tuning in, let me know if you have used ChatGPT or other A.I. tools, and what you think of them!


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24 Comments so far:

  1. Gregory says:

    That’s absolutely astonishing, what these new tools can do! I’ve been dabbling a bit in it myself, this ChatGPT is powerful stuff. Thanks, I’m using it to help write new articles.

  2. Andrea says:

    I’ve been playing with Midjourney to create images, never tried this chat one. Holy cow, I didn’t know it could do all that, thanks for the demo!

  3. Sarah Kearns says:

    Thanks for the comprehensive and succinct summary of ChatGPT Aidan! Looking forward to testing it out.

  4. Eric Farmer says:

    I really like all the insights in the growth booth podcast videos from your unique perspective, Aidan. Thank you for sharing your deep knowledge of the online marketing space. I’m excited to work towards financial freedom. And now it seems within our grasp with all the potential of Artificial Intelligence too!

  5. Medhi Roumraj says:

    Thanks for this great info, I also read that this saved a pet’s life, when the vet couldn’t figure out what was wrong and the owner inputted the dog’s bloodwork and symptoms. Chat suggested a couple issues, he took it back to his vet, and bam, they figured out the problem and the dog is now fully recovered! The possibilities with this!

  6. Jerrod M says:

    I use the free version for my business (I think it’s still the v3) and it’s been really helpful! Looking to get the paid one soon

  7. susan mathis says:

    Does it also go “at capacity” on the paid version? It’s been a real gamechanger but the current free GPT3 goes inaccessible from time to time.

    • Aidan says:

      I think you still could, but paid users have a higher priority when servers are busy. It hasn’t yet happened to me on the paid plan.

  8. Glen H says:

    Awesome stuff! Have you tried Google’s Bard?

    Loved the Vegas episode btw. Just glad we can do those kind of meetings again now!

    • Aidan says:

      I haven’t been able to try Bard yet, I’m on the waiting list! Totally agree about the in-person meetings, I missed them when we couldn’t do them!

  9. Ralph says:

    Great content as usual.

    I assume there’s a 3-6 month ranking delay?
    Monetization is affiliate product links?

    • Aidan says:

      Reasonable expectations Ralph, yes. Although I SEO isn’t the only way to get traffic here. Yes, monetization with affiliate links.

  10. Ian Tessensohn says:

    Hey Aidan, quite amazing ….it solves a big problem especially for newbies entering select niche markets where you need to formulate niche content for websites. I must say this could take the KIBO code system to a new level in terms of niches.

  11. Hana Azmi says:

    Love the new ChatGPT prompt video to discover new niches and how fast the whole process is. Thanks for sharing Aiden!

  12. pete says:

    thanks for showing us how its done Aidan its very useful.

  13. Sam Clarke says:

    Great session thanks Aidan.

    Have been dabbling with chatGPT.

    Got it to write a kindle book last week.

    Cheers. Sam

  14. Warren says:

    Hey well fantastic Aidan, ChatGPT seems to be the thing!
    That niche research tool is cool.. 🙂

  15. Don says:

    Following your lead here it seems pretty simple to create a great website. But how does one monetize a great website? Is there an article available which explains how this can be done?

  16. Ryan says:

    Nice crash-course for ChatGPT Aidan. Long time reader but first time poster here.

    I work at a marketing agency that uses a lot of AI content. One that I’ve noticed that I thought I would mention is that details seem to matter a lot to get this content indexed and stay indexed.

    In addition to telling ChatGPT an article topic, I’ve found that results are much better if you break that topic down for ChatGPT and ask for specific information.

    I live in Fort Myers, so I’ll just use that city as an example. If I want an article about the city of Fort Myers, I’ll do something like this:

    “Write an informative and helpful article about Fort Myers using first person plural pronouns. Create sections of three paragraphs each and include header title text for each section. Section 1 should be three paragraphs about the city including population and demographic statistics from the last census as well as historical information about the city including when it was founded. Section 2 should talk about commercial business areas in the city including names of specific roads and businesses in each of these districts. Section 3 should talk about tourist destinations and attractions in the city including a list of specific popular attractions, where they’re located, and brief information about them that is useful for visitors. Section 4 should talk airports in the city and nearby areas including a numbered list of the 5 most popular airports nearby. Write a page title for this article using 60 characters or less. Write a meta description for this article using 160 characters or less. Write three more paragraphs as a conclusion for this article.”

    Personally, I also find that I get the best results by customizing and editing the content before publishing. In particular, I’ll often edit the first and last sections in the article to ensure they’re optimized for targeted keywords. I’ll also proofread the article to edit for readability. ChatGPT has a tendency to go overboard with descriptive language that isn’t necessary to understand the content – I’ll strip out any of it that isn’t easily readable or clear.

    Hope this will help someone else. Thanks again for the great content Aidan.

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