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Success Hacks (with Ezra Firestone)

Hi, and welcome to the 20th monthly update to!

This month’s update is a little bit different for a couple of reasons:

1. It’s an interview I filmed with a VERY successful internet marketer…
2. It’s coming to you from Laos!

I’m currently travelling through South East Asia with my wife on our honeymoon. We’ll be travelling through Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos (we’re here now) and Thailand.

If you’re curious about this part of the world, I can tell you first hand that it’s quite simply fascinating (and the food is amazing)…follow me on my Facebook page to get the photos:

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The trip I’m doing right now is a great example of the power, flexibility and freedom that internet marketing can give you. This is a “job” that you can run from literally anywhere…

Here are a few photos we’ve taken so far:

Enough about me though, this month’s update is a special one because I’m joined by my friend and fellow internet marketer, Ezra Firestone.

Introducing…Ezra Firestone!

Ezra has had massive success online, so much so that he’s been featured on magazines such as “Internet Marketing Magazine”.

Ezra has also been the special guest at world class internet marketing seminars globally (in lots of cool locations like Hawaii, San Francisco, Australia, New York etc).

Watch the video below to learn about Ezra’s secrets to self-motivation, outsourcing, project management, and MUCH much more.


Below you’ll find a list of resources mentioned in the interview.


Ezra’s websites:

Recommended Reading:

Other Mentions:

The Critical Ingredient…

In about two weeks time I’m going to release a video about the one critical ingredient that separates the people who see big success online, from the people who don’t…I’ll also share a few of my ambitious non-IM related goals and start talking about 2014…watch out for it soon…

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9 Comments so far:

  1. Nice work, Aidan. Very important topics discussed. Thanks for the introduction to Ezra.

    I agree with the mindset discussion. having been exposed to much similar training during my stint as a network marketer (MLM).

    You guys mentioned a couple of things that brought me back. One is knowing when to fold. I was emotionally attached to one MLM company for Far Too Long after it was obvious (or should have been obvious) it was not working.

    The other thing is knowing what you want; knowing what you want to get out of (whatever you’re involved in). And, knowing what you are willing to give up (or postpone) in order to get what you want.

    An important side note to the first point that you guys also mentioned is don’t be too quick to throw in the towel. Too many people are too quick to declare that “this SEO” (or e-commerce, or the coaching program they have joined) “doesn’t work.”

    Some people bounce from one thing to the next year after year, quitting one thing after another, declaring “it doesn’t work.” Then they jump into something else and quit that too.

    A certain amount of persistence is required to succeed in anything. Knowing what you want is key to maintaining a healthy level of stick-to-it-iv-ness. (is that a real word?)

    One more key to maintaining your sanity. You will have detractors. There are people close to you that will think you’re nuts for doing anything outside of the 9-5 traditional job scene.

    If you have a dream, a goal and know what you want, you can’t listen to the negativity. Tune it out or distance yourself. And, by the way, those that are closest to you, including those that love you, will Beat You Up the worst.

  2. Shaun says:

    I completely agree with both you guys and Dave. Having & maintaining the right kind of mindset is massively important for achieving not only success online, but in life as well! What I love about mindset though is once you’ve learnt something new that’s positive and motivational, and your mind has been stretched, it will never shrink back down to it’s original form.

    Such as new ideas about abundance or wealth from those that are already where you want to be in life. I think what Dave has shared above is also very true. The importance of having set goals to shoot for, that are realistic to you. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve out of your next venture and how much you expect to make and by when. And, how you want to reward yourself 🙂

    As you guys mentioned on the above video… I too agree that focusing on ONE thing at a time is really the key to making progress and seeing real results online. At least, that is where I’ve found the most success.

    I find that having a business plan can help give you an idea of where you should be focusing your time each day. It mightn’t be perfect… and probably never will be. But, is useful as a guide that can be refined as you go.

    Also, important to keep in mind that not everything you attempt is gonna work the first time or few times… so, yeah persistence is really key and remaining humble each time you work on a new project. Knowing though that you’re gaining greater experience each time & that you’re getting better.


  3. Daniel P. Warren says:

    Hi Aidan, great video and you all have my total agreement in all statements made. A very interesting point was made by Ezra, its not money but what you can actually do with it that counts. Most people think small, ie what do I need to have the life I want! It may be a thing of age “lol Old” but expand your consciousness and think what can you achieve with wealth, that to me is where the true success lies. Sadly to say I also agree with Dave’s comment, your biggest detractors are the ones closest to you, its often a good idea to play your cards close to your chest, its easier on your family relations that way.:D Congratulations, all the best to you and yours, and enjoy your honeymoon.

  4. Hello Aidan,
    Although I’ve not spoken to you in a while, I have often checked up your blog which, by the way, I think is extremely versatile, informative and done with generosity.
    As you were one of my first teachers online, Aidan, and although I did not stay with Authority Pro, I did learn the basics of keywords search, building a website, populating it, adsense….but I panicked when facing SEO!! Backlinking and all that jazz just wasn’t my bag (you certainly remember).
    Jumping a few years later, I did do the shining-object route, never accomplished much in terms of gains but I did gradually learned more and more about IM and met more and more people.
    I love your comments about mindset and it is so true that if you truly, really believe you’ll succeed,
    YOU WILL because you’ll not give up. Your success will come as a surprise even to you!
    Since last March, I have a joined a large group of people learning all the ins and outs of selling physical products on Amazon as a private label. WOW! So far I sure did learn a lot and have met an amazingly helpful group of people to set up and expand a business with! The mentors are 100% ethical, generous and well-organized. For the first time, I am selling about 1K/month
    and I just love the business model. And all the “promotion” (we could say SEO) part is handled in
    a very different way – no wheel link building!
    And to end, a general goal plan, cut down in a weekly-daily to do list is definitely a big part of success as it helps keep me focused.

    All the Best to You & Your Wife,


  5. travis klein says:

    awesome stuff Aidan. I’m def going to start following him and see what his websites are all about. I’ve heard of him but something like this… free… not jamming a product down our throat at the end… is really attractive (law of attraction?).

    I’m going to be writing and talking about this, and definitely am going to use this EXACT example to explain what I mean and how powerful it actually can be.

  6. Kai says:

    Hi Aidan, hope you’re enjoying your trip to SE Asia.

    I think most marketers do well with the message of anyone being able to make money online with relative ease by using the latest tactics, etc., and this easily entices folks and gets them so excited that often their entire focus is put into the tactics for the quickest results possible (raising my hand 😉

    So you don’t often hear marketers discuss how one should slow down and figure out the why before the how. Why one should want to do this, believe it’s right or them and imagine the end goal. That belief leads to the mindset of success, then a strategy can be mapped out and the tactics learned and applied. I’ve been learning this lesson for a while now… sometimes you need to slow down to go fast, mapping out a route instead of just driving around getting lost.

    I also found it interesting that you and Ezra mentioned the importance to keep battling and not give up too easily, but at the same time to not get too emotionally attached if something clearly isn’t working and to fold. This coming from a former poker player. Good advice but not always easy to hear or follow.


    ps. More pics of food

  7. Normy Chang says:

    Hi Sidan,
    Ever since I purchased one of your products last year I have been following you and receiving helpful and may I say educational mails from you regarding IE and also mindset WITH nothing being sold which I am sure we all here REALLY appreciate from the bottom of our hearts. Thank You! You mail and video with Ezra is another very example of that which I sure will value and go over time and time again for it to sink in.
    Can’t agree more with Dave. I am sure when we all got started in IE we all have or had our tough times and it is really difficult to know when to draw the line in either quiting and moving on to the next new project and goal or putting it aside for a wile and coming back to it later on.
    I have started IE for about a bit more than a year now and still struggling in getting traffic and conversion to and on my couple of affiliate sites. Long term success never comes easy, if it does it just might be your pure luck but it won’t last long and it might do you more harm as you are likely to get carry away by your instant success rather than working all those hours with your mindset, strategeries and tactics … a repeatable system. One must fall many time before he or she could master the skills in walking and then running.
    Lise, I too learnt about those two amazing guys and their introduction of their training course for selling private labelled products on Amazon, also wanted to join in and start on it two months ago as I think I might have a nit of adbantage regarding sourcing for products in china since currently living in HK and in the purchasing and exporting field for years.
    But I figured I ought to take one srep at a time in staying focused on Aidan’s training of TTC, master it, have success with it and then pass it onto to my VAs to handle before jumping onto my next big project and goal. Hope they would have their 3rd time training opened few months down the road again when I am for it.
    Aidan, thought that you were married for sometime and didn’t know you were heading out to SE Asia on your honeymoon. All my best wishes and congrats to you and your family from me and mine. Will send you a greeting ecard for sure! Don’t take up anymore of your time while you two are enjoying the happiest moments in lives right now. Stop reading mails and just simply spend the times with your honey!!!!

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