Video: December 1st Update
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Video: December 1st Update

And just like that, it’s the last month of the year! Welcome to the December update at, thanks for visiting. Check out what I’ve been up to below:

It’s been a very busy month, with a business trip to Europe, then a trip to Austin, Texas for a conference, and lots of family activities in between!

The Growth Booth Podcast

As many of you know, I host a weekly podcast called The Growth Booth, here are a couple of my latest ones:

Click here to see Episode #43 – 4 Of My Most Painful & Silly Business Mistakes

Clik here to see Episode #44 – 4 Of My Biggest Wins In My Business Journey

Click here to see Episode #45 – From A Near-Death Experience In Argentina To Selling 100,000+ Books

Click here to see Episode #46 – 20 Ways Rich People Think Differently

Click here to see Episode #47 – Building A Business Around A Passion

Check out The Growth Booth and follow along on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Youtube and many other places.

Recent Reads

As well, I’ve been reading or about to read a couple books, check these out, I mention them in the video above:

Words that Sell

This is a classic I keep coming back to for copyrighting. It’s more of a reference or thesaurus for marketing words, so I find a lot of inspiration when writing.

Available at Amazon

Blue Ocean Shift

The 2015 book Blue Ocean Strategy is one of my all-time favourite marketing books, and that book talks about how to differentiate yourself and find your own space in a crowded marketplace. This is a sort of sequel and builds upon the original. I haven’t yet read it yet but look forward to checking it out!

Available at Amazon

Enjoy, I hope you’re wrapping up your year in the best way possible, and please comment below on how you are doing and your plans for 2023!

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19 Comments so far:

  1. Greg says:

    I’m looking forward to the 12 Day Giveaway. This year will be my year!

  2. Anna Lee says:

    Thanks, I had a pretty good year, but could use more direction, especially focusing on just one thing at a time. Thanks for your podcast, I just subscribed!

  3. Bethany says:

    Thanks for the update and the reminder to crack my Words That Sell book open again. It’s really a great recommendation. Looking forward to listening to the episode 47. Love your podcasts!

  4. Jackson Lebsack says:

    I love the tips on how to improve Focus!

  5. Bianka Hamill says:

    What a great episode Aidan! Very timely and preparing for 2023. Having the right mindset and focus definitely helps. Looking forward to next year’s episodes.

  6. Francisco Calvo says:

    Agree! Quality Podcast episodes. Love the 20 Ways Rich People think Differently episode. Really helped a lot.

  7. Migel Diaz says:

    Looking forward to the 12-Day Give Away! Thank you Aidan for the great episodes!

  8. Jacob A says:

    That part on ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ is very true! True enough for me to comment lol
    I personally lost track of my health habits when the pandemic hit, and it’s been two years since and I’m still just slowly getting back on track. This is a good reminder, Aidan.

  9. Ruth says:

    AHHH excited for this year’s giveaway! Started joining in 2020 but haven’t been lucky yet so hopefully this is my year 🙂

  10. JULIUS A says:

    Your podcast is a gem!!! Hope you can feature more ecomm tips in future eps!

  11. Curtis Moore says:

    Congrats on almost a year of podcasting!

  12. Ryan says:

    Thank you for the amazing content. I have been studying your messages from afar. Is there a way to connect with you personally/directly? Thank you again, Ryan

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