VIDEO: September 1st Update
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VIDEO: September 1st Update

Welcome to the September 1st update of, thanks for visiting!

Check out this video for my reflections and insights from the past month:



Waking Up, by Sam Harris

The Earned Life, by Marshall Goldsmith

The Growth Booth – Aidan’s podcast

Cartzy – Our ecom platform

Thanks for watching, and let me know below any great books you’ve been reading, as well as your business plans and goals for the final third of the year!

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7 Comments so far:

  1. Erin Tennant says:

    Yes! Time is really fast. Thank you Aidan for all your insights! It is really helpful.

  2. francis Klay says:

    Your updates are always full of wisdom even in just a 5 minute video, Aidan. The podcast is a gem too! Bless you for all the free value x

  3. Elijah Windsor says:

    Waking up by Sam Harris,Mindfulness. A book that I can recommend too. Really really helpful!

  4. damien bass says:

    Your book list is always one of my go-tos when I need a new read!

  5. simone says:

    feels like we just started 2022 and now we’re down to its last 1/3.

    Your podcast has been really helpful for me, I just graduated but I really wanna take the road you took and into online businesses! So I guess following your work will be what the rest of my year would be like 😀

  6. J Young says:

    Can I use Cartzy to dropship here in South Korea? Great stuff!

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