What Does ChatGPT Say About Digitial Marketing Trends in 2023?
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What Does ChatGPT Say About Digitial Marketing Trends in 2023?

Welcome to the June 2023 post! In the spirit of “everything is popping up A.I.” this year, I recently asked ChatGPT what the top trending marketing trends are right now. It’s a pretty interesting mix of spot-on predictions and trends that have been going on for a few years now. Note also that the data used by ChatGPT is current up to September 2021 when I did this query an hour ago, and the results speak for themselves.

Here’s what ChatGPT returned, and my comments:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Revolutionize Marketing

AI and ML are poised to revolutionize the marketing landscape in 2023. These technologies enable marketers to deliver personalized, hyper-targeted campaigns by leveraging data-driven insights, predictive analytics, and automation. From chatbots and virtual assistants to content personalization and predictive modeling, AI-powered solutions will reshape customer experiences and drive unprecedented levels of engagement.

Well, that’s definitely already happening at light speed! Moving on…

2. Voice Search Optimization Takes Center Stage

As voice-assisted devices like smart speakers continue to infiltrate households, voice search optimization becomes paramount. Optimizing content for voice queries and harnessing long-tail keywords will be crucial for brands to secure top positions in voice search results. Marketers must adapt their SEO strategies to accommodate this growing trend and tailor content to conversational queries, capitalizing on the increasing reliance on voice commands.

This has been a trend for the last several years, as more than half of U.S. households now have some sort of smart speaker. However, there is a bump on the road, with Alexa from Amazon reportedly costing the company over $10 billion in losses. Google seems to be stagnant right now as well, with no new products in a couple years. However, with A.I. technology, Google Bard and Amazon developing their own AI tools (though so far for their cloud computing), who knows what the second half of 2023 may bring?

In saying that, voice search is very important, especially for local search (such as “Where can I get a pizza?”) To optimize your pages, focus on questions in your content and conversational language.

3. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Revolutionize Engagement

AR and VR technologies will redefine the way consumers interact with brands. Immersive experiences, such as virtual try-ons, interactive product demonstrations, and virtual showrooms, will become essential for driving engagement and boosting sales. Forward-thinking marketers will seize the opportunity to create unforgettable brand experiences, blurring the lines between physical and digital realms.

Since this data is from 2021, ChatGPT knows nothing about Apple’s new AR headset, the Apple Vision Pro. However, with Google Glasses a failure and Meta losing over $14 BILLION so far on trying to devlop the Metaverse, maybe Apple’s first new product in nearly a decade will be 3rd time the charm?

4. Influencer Marketing Evolves and Matures

Influencer marketing continues to thrive, but it’s evolving into a more refined and authentic form. Micro-influencers, who possess niche expertise and highly engaged followers, will take center stage. Genuine collaborations and long-term partnerships with influencers will yield better results, as brands focus on building meaningful connections and trust with their target audiences.

This is definitely true, and a great use of your marketing budget. We’ve partnered with them extensively in our physical product businesses to promote our products, and are very happy with the resulting boost in sales. Micro-influencers matched to your business are much more effective, simply because their (smaller) following will be much more interested in your products and services.

5. Social Commerce Takes Off:

The convergence of social media and e-commerce will witness a significant surge in 2023. Social commerce platforms and features will enable consumers to seamlessly discover, evaluate, and purchase products without leaving their preferred social networks. Brands that embrace this trend, leveraging interactive shopping experiences, social media ads, and user-generated content, will capitalize on the growing preference for social-driven purchases.

We were talking a lot about this in the last few years as well, with people having the ability to purchase straight from the likes of Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest. This is still developing, and it’ll be interesting to see where this leads (especially when paired with AR and VR!)

6. Privacy and Data Protection Become Imperative

Amidst increasing concerns over data privacy, consumers are demanding greater control over their personal information. Marketers must prioritize data protection, transparency, and compliance with evolving regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Building trust through ethical data practices and providing transparent opt-in mechanisms will be crucial to maintaining positive customer relationships.

Privacy is very important in today’s socially-connected world, and the big news this year is several multi-million dollar fines against the likes of TikTok and Facebook when it comes to processing personal data. With data breaches all too common in the news (not to mention possible new rogue AI programs being hatched, such as “ghostbots” and related deepfakes), privacy and security needs to be taken seriously.

7. Video Dominates the Digital Landscape

Video continues to reign supreme as the most engaging content format. Short-form videos, live streaming, and interactive video experiences will play a pivotal role in captivating audiences and driving conversions. Brands that embrace video marketing across multiple platforms, including social media, websites, and email campaigns, will enjoy higher engagement rates and enhanced brand recall.

Definitely true. In fact, a recently study found that over 90% of marketers are using some form of video content. One big trend in video advertising right now is how vertical video (the mainstay of TikTok-formatted short videos) are now integrated into Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. Since a large majority of views are now through mobile phones, it makes sense to spend more time creating  9:16 aspect ratio videos.

8. Personalization at Scale

In 2023, personalization will no longer be a luxury but a necessity. Leveraging customer data and AI-driven insights, brands can create tailored experiences that resonate with individual preferences and behaviors. Customized emails, personalized product recommendations, and dynamic website content will be key to enhancing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, revenue.

We’ve been doing this for years, making sure to tailor our marketing with personal names, as well as segmenting our lists into interests and niches to better deliver content to those who are intersted.

However, there has been a lot of push-back due to privacy concerns. A couple years ago I would often see a Facebook ad of a customized t-shirt design with my exact age and interests. Since then, the “creepiness” of knowing too much has been dialed down, but having the person’s first name and segmenting them into appropriate niches and interests is vital for marketing.

9. Sustainable and Purpose-Driven Marketing

As environmental and social issues gain prominence, consumers expect brands to take a stand and contribute positively to the world. Sustainable practices, ethical sourcing, and purpose-driven marketing will resonate with conscious consumers, fostering brand loyalty and differentiation. Brands that authentically align themselves with causes and prioritize corporate social responsibility will reap long-term benefits.

This is very important, but MUST be authentic. Make sure you know your audience. If you believe in an environmental and social cause and you know your target audience believes in your vision, it makes for a very powerful and very profitable USP (Unique Selling Proposition… how your business is different from your competitors.)

10. Omnichannel Integration for Seamless Experiences

Delivering seamless experiences across multiple touchpoints will be paramount in 2023. Brands must integrate their marketing efforts across channels, ensuring consistent messaging, personalized interactions, and effortless transitions between online and offline environments. Embracing a customer-centric, omnichannel approach will enable brands to deliver exceptional experiences at every stage of the customer journey.

I wouldn’t say this is a trend for 2023, but something I’ve been doing for well over a decade with a “be everywhere” strategy. Promote your business and brand consistenly on Facebook, Youtube, email, and elsewhere.

Top 10 Conclusion

ChatGPT has a concluding statement, but it sounds too “business-speak”. My own conclusions is that these trends are definitely ones we’ve seen coming for a few years. What is interesting to note is that the trends from a couple years ago are very close to what is happening today as well. Generative AI is definitely the biggest trend this year (and probably the focus for the rest of this decade), but for marketing, the main take-away is to take care of your customer, be authentic and use the tools available to you (video, social media, email, etc.)

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  1. David H says:

    Great read! Curious how the GPT4 would fare with your prompts for current trends 🙂

  2. Lizzie Everett says:

    Saw Apple’s Vision Pro announcement and it definitely reminded me of the flop that was Google Glasses. I think covering half of your face with a gadget is not the most comfortable experience, but who knows, right? It’s Apple!

    Anyway, I like this retrospective take and I agree with your comments!

  3. kyla morgan says:

    Been loving your recent episodes on AI. It really is so useful especially for us in the online industry!!

  4. Shirley says:

    Using chat gpt for my business recently but I find it’s still important to have actual people behind the computer taking care of customers. It’s a helpful tool, but nothing beats human-to-human interaction! “Be authentic” is right!

  5. Jose H says:

    Love this post, Aidan. It’s like going back in time and checking our tech predictions back then against what’s happening today!

  6. Bryan says:

    Really excited with where we’re going further with AI. So far so good and so helpful.

  7. cindy johnson says:

    My business relies so much on influencer marketing and it really boomed like last year. Agree with every other point here too!

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