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Powerful Emerging Trends For 2021


We’re already finished the first quarter of 2021, but I see a lot of powerful digital trends coming to fruition this year. In the video below, I will talk about these trends so you can tap into, enjoy nd reap the rewards of being on the cusp of advances and changes in the online landscape.

By far the biggest change last year were millions of new people buying products online, due to lockdowns and physical store closures. Digital sales during cyber-week increased by 29% in the U.S., or $60 billion dollars spent on the web alone!

With so many people working from home and shopping online, the economy has changed forever. Companies that adapted found new and better ways to do business and thrive online.

In the video I discuss emerging trends such as:

  • Instagram Reels – Launched in August 2020, Instagram launched Reels to compete against TikTok. They are short, 15-30 second clips that are sharable. With the power of Facebook behind it, and the launch of direct ecommerce shopping on both platforms, it’ll be interesting to see where Reels is headed!
  • Marketing on Tik Tok – Speaking of Tik Tok, this platform is rapidly maturing, and is no longer the domain of teens. You can also add Tik Tok videos to IG and other social networks.
  • Google Shopping – It is now free for merchants to sell their products on Google.
  • YouTube Shopping – Google has set the wheels in motion to turn YouTube into a shopping destination. One day soon, will EVERY product seen in ANY video be for sale? Integration with Shopify and other ecom platforms may mean direct competition with Amazon.

There are many more trends I discuss in the video, so please click below to watch!


Links and resources mentioned in the video:

I’d love to hear what you think and of any other trends you may have noticed. Leave a comment below, thanks!

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12 Comments so far:

  1. Daniel Costa says:

    Great stuff Aidan. As always very insightful and friendly.
    Thank you for your support.

  2. Kelsey D says:

    Very helpful for those of us starting with ecommerce this year. Thank you Aidan!

  3. Craig minelli says:

    ManyChat has been really useful for my new business as we’ve only been venturing in Facebook. This gave me more ideas for scaling!

  4. wesley z says:

    2021 really is the year for even more ecommerce – I CAN FEEL IT!

  5. Hi Aidan,
    Very informative and interesting tips for us amateur online merchants .My cartzy store-
    The free account registration with google shopping is something that I would like to have.
    But-how does the payment settings work ? Who will help me to set it up , perhaps ,Kibo support ?

    Thank you again for this video-


    Willene -UK

  6. Guy Venables says:

    Great chat . Super relevant for both my kibo learning and the pivot in to selling my makeup brand direct to public after my bricks and mortar biz collapsed the makeup academies ( the only channels to market for my small brand ) during Covid . Got a big db of ex attendees of classes opted in so I’ll be diving in to email marketing for sure then micro influencers Thankyou !

  7. Austin Tjalkabota says:

    Planning to start my E-commerce business next year. Reading this is so helpful.

  8. Joel K says:

    Thanks Aidan , great stuff. Thanks for all the awesome info and links.
    Will help and great addition with my Kibo Quantum program
    Thanks Aidan

  9. Julie says:

    Hi Aidan, I love the fact that you are always up to date with latest marketing trends etc. My question is about the 100K Factory program you had going a few years ago. I signed up to this but did’t get it up and running. I don’t have the login details anymore and would like to know if there are updates to it?

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