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Favorites of 2019


Here are my best discoveries & best purchases of 2019. Check out my favorite books, apps, gadgets, best buys under $50 & more! Also find out what Steve’s best buys and discoveries were…

Behind-The-Scenes Of A $1MM Hosting Company


Here’s the behind-the-scenes story of Float Hosting… how we built this company from $0 to $18k/month, how we almost lost EVERYTHING & the path to $1MM. This case study shares what entrepreneurship is REALLY like…

10 Tips To Motivate Your Filipino VA


Interested in hiring a VA? Find out how much they cost, and uncover 10 simple strategies to better motivate your VA. Also download our ‘Hiring Cheatsheet’ to see how to quickly and easily hire talent…

ConvertKit: The Definitive Training Guide


Become a ConvertKit Master using the tips and tricks shared in these 13 step-by-step training videos. Learn about tags, segments, broadcasts, sequences, automations, forms and most importantly, how to tie all of these things together into a cohesive email marketing plan…

Why We Cancelled Aweber (& What We’re Using Instead)


Here’s why we cancelled Aweber & a closer look at what we’re using instead: ConvertKit. Find out how to migrate accounts, how you could save THOUSANDS in monthly fees, learn about simple (but important) setup tasks, tags, segments, cool features and much more…

57 Travel Hacks (Your Survival Guide)


Explore my top 57 travel hacks, including how to get cheap Business Class flights, save 10% on ALL accommodation, ELIMINATE jet-lag and more. Regardless of whether you travel for work or pleasure, Business Class or Economy, in this blog post you’ll discover simple tricks that make your travel easier and more enjoyable …



Do you ever feel low on energy? Unmotivated? Or just lack your normal drive? Chances are you’re experiencing Burnout. Here’s how I dealt with burnout when it affected me, and a few of my big takeaways in getting back on the fastlane…

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners


This 4-part video series walks you through how to get started with Affiliate Marketing. Learn about mindset hacks, niche considerations, traffic secrets, monetization options, solo ads, the Clickbank marketplace, …

35 eCommerce Growth Hacks


Looking to boost your eCommerce profits? Here are eCom 35 growth hacks designed to do exactly that. Find out how you can tap into traffic gold-mines, incentivize shoppers, automate social media campaigns, customize messages shown to your visitors, and MUCH more…

The Books I’ve Read Since 2014


Here’s my reading list. Check out the books I’ve been reading, find out what my all time favorites are, and share what YOU’VE been reading. How many of my favorites have you read? What haven’t I read that I need to read? Check out my list and let me know! I’m sure you’ll get value from this, and probably a few surprises as well…